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Boosting my career in 2008

20082008 is fast approaching. My first semester at the university just ended. So what are my new year’s resolutions? First and mainly: Focusing on boosting my career as an IT Professional, i.e as the WISE OLD MAN used to say “Make yourself more employable!”

I will increase my knowledge on:

  1. Security and related disciplines, such as business continuity and disaster-recovery planning
  2. Business Skills
  3. The use Analytics to guide business decisions
  4. Enterprise Applications

I will spend(invest) more time on:

  1. Specialising as a Programmer
  2. Come prepared for an interview and improve my performance from the last one
  3. Efficiently Talk BUSINESS
  4. Improving my CV/ Resume
  5. Increasing contacts with Professionals and creating and maintaining a good image of myself via the appropriate media
  6. using all the appropriate resources to efficiently achieve my Goals

I will take the challenge of:

  1. Drastically improving my communication skills, notably in French Language
  2. Developing the Charisma and many other skills of a leader
  3. Achieving a rate of turnover enabling me to self-finance my projects
  4. Self-control

“This is the year you can no longer sleepwalk through your career,Each person has to take ownership of his or her career path.” I will continue and improve the good work of being responsible concerning my career path.

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