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Learning Software Development

I started with a black screen and a cursor in which I had to type commands like do main.prg, modi comm main, modi struc main. With the help of private tuition coaching from a brillant but “weird” computer teacher, I was able to submit a project for O-level Computer Studies done in Dbase III plus, which later I came to observe that this programming language has been used for the local hospital recording system.

Then came Turbo Pascal for Windows. This is when I discovered data structures, searching & sorting, files, variables, scope, parameter passing in the Practical Programming Project for A-level. I had great fun with Pascal and it was a unique experience for me in Pascal.

The challenge then came in the form of Visual Basic 6. No private coaching this time! But I managed to score “best project” title for the Computing Project.

Now in my undergraduate curriculum, I am learning C++ in the Programming Methodology Module. I am really happy to learn this language and the advanced concepts associated with it.

As a student, I want to prepare myself for a career in software development given the passion I have for this field. I have experimented with source control system with Tortoise CVS and find it pretty cool and necessary to use. Today, I got my hands dirty with Visual SourceSafe 6.0. Finally, I got to use Visual SourceSafe whilst I was answering NO to the question:


Add this project to SourceSafe?


when working with Visual Basic 6 in HSC.

Well, I actually want to learn the fundamental concepts of algorithms and data stuctures. This is necessary for Computer Scientists. But I am complementing it with creating software in VB6, and the new Visual Studio 2005 . Of course, the errors are frustrating, but fortunately there are helpful people on MSDN forums! I keep on fighting with the bugs and I know, with time and knowledge, I will gain victory over them.

I find the idea of Bachelor in Fine Arts in Software Development a fascinating new idea. This would give the opportunity to develop software under conditions as close as possible to the real world and also to get trained by experienced teachers who were previously in the Industry as professional software developers. I am happy and relieved that I am currently “discovering” the real world!

Well, in the future, the challenge lies in mastering deployment and obtaining the required software engineering skills.

Bon Courage and Best of Luck to Me!

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