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My new identity: Freelance Developer


Previously I was doing most of my projects for my secondary school The MGI computer lab was a very “sacred” place for me, where I was inspired to do development and learn the fascinating world of computers.

With, which was my dream for quite a long time, I finally took a new identity of mine in the field of providing IT solutions at competitive prices via freelancing. This time, I am my own project leader and I get rewarded for my effort.

Well, being a newbie in this field, I am determined to deliver professional work to my clients. I want the Satisfaction Guarantee Seal in my clients’ work. In fact, in doing so, I am adopting a new way of life: that of an International freelancer!

Here are the highlights of the new online identity:

  • Clients are lined up and liaised with through email. I use emails more frequently.
  • Tran$action$ are processed via PayPal
  • I currently have a decent PC which I will upgrade soon. My Laptop is on way, still a few days to enjoy mobile computing.A Dell XPS 1530 would be ideal! I am happy with Windows, FOR NOW.
  • I have a moderate, if not Fast internet connection: Myt 256
  • USB drive: I currently use a Card-Reader for carrying data and temporary backup
  • All-in-one: I am intending to have a Laser printer, scanner, copier, fax for my home office. An HP LaserJet 3055should do the work.
  • Email: via a touch of professionalism, I reply my client’s email and do follow-up. I use Outlook and Gmail with my new mail add.
  • Skype: This is an option which I should develop for keeping a closer liaison with my international clients. I have to seek out a skype headset/mic.
  • Resisting Temptation: I should be good at convincing myself that procrastination is work. Reading feeds is “research”. Facebook/LinkedIn is “networking”. StumbleUpon is for “inspiration”.
  • Security and Backup: I have to ensure that my paperless office would be keep in utmost security and regularly have backups

To conclude, I hope I would be able to successfully set up my Digital Office and I will be able to enjoy the best from Freelance Freedom! Freelancing will definitely help increase my practical knowledge of business management and give me the unique experience of running my business.

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