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University Resumes: New Second Semester!



Finally, as from tomorrow, University of Mauritius opens its doors! Here are my new resolutions for the new semester which are mainly inspired by two of Robin Sharma’s Podcast:

    • try to re-gain the old habit of getting up early, as in the olden MGI days
    • try to finish what I started
    • Often I am motivated for new projects and having the opportunity I start working on it. This is good! But the bad thing is that I left the project pending. I will, as soon as possible, finish the projects one by one and bring the smile of satisfaction to the respective clients.

    • I will try to celebrate little things.

    • Developing a will of iron

    In other words, developing a world-class self-discipline. People having developed this quality, normally have a flawless execution of ideas, they eat well, they take good care of their health, they are focussed on their priorities and amongst others. Well in order to become such-like people who usually bring their business to the peak of success, I will

    • Getting brillant at asking

    This podcast, I have to listen more and more. Yeps, in the lectures, no more hesitation, hence forth to raise the hand as voice out my question/opinion. So watch out the lecturers, the curiousEngine is starting once again!

Well, there are many challenges lying ahead. In less than 5 months, there will be the final exams and I have to score well as per the various pieces of advice from the friends. Thank you dear alls for the precious advice, I will try my best to have a >70% CPA. I promise, I will give my best shot.

Well, bye bye the busy world of heavy freelance development, I will minimise “enterprise-solutions” development a bit for the coming 4 months. Bonjour, Welcome back the wonderful World of Books!”



One response

  1. Motivated as you’ve always been
    Wish you all the best in your academics.
    You’ll surely achieve an above 70% CPA
    Keep up the hard work
    Bonne Rentree

    22 January, 2008 at 8:37 pm

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