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Behind Ubuntu project..

As I was trying to search the net for information on Ubuntu Server Administration, in one of the books, I found the following editorial note:

” But the secret behind the phenomenal success and growth of Ubuntu is really one man: South African Mark Shuttleworth. After founding Thawte, a company providing digital certificates, when he was 22, Shuttleworth sold the company four years later to VeriSign for a large amount of money. After fulfilling his dream of going into space, he decided to fulfill another and build the best Linux distro in the world. In that he has succeeded.”

Naturally, the thought that would come to my mind is to Google Mark Shuttleworth to finally land on . My first impression: Waow, such a rich blog, a green dragon, da vinci’s quote and the biography web link. The interesting part is that when I was reading his biography, I found some similarities between me and Mark! These are as follows:

  • Mark Shuttleworth is an African entrepreneur with a love of technology, innovation, change and space flight.I am a future Mauritian/African Entrepreneur (Mauritius forms part of Africa) with the same passion
  • His passion for technology first showed up as a love of computer games. I was playing DOS games like Mario, ducky and the like in my early computing-newbie days
  • Mark studied finance and information technology at the University of Cape Town, and went on to found Thawte. I am currently studying towards a business degree in Management with Information Systems and in the coming years, my company will be founded.
  • became intrigued by the changes it would bring in business and society.I have also the keeness to do something that would “revolutionise” in a positive way business and society.
  • Finally, maybe just as him, I gonna create something which will become very popular!

Below are some links concerning behind ubuntu:

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