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MGI has a new laureate!


MGI new laureate 2007-Science Side

Today, Friday 08 February 2008, the HSC results were out. It was a fine weather in Mauritius and a cyclone warning class 1 in Rodrigues. After my Programming Methodology lecture was over, I phoned Ashvin to enquire about any laureates given that the laureate list became official at noon.

I had Visham in my mind. I wanted to confirm with Ashvin whether or not he became laureate and to my great surprise, it was true, MGI HAS ONE LAUREATE: VISHAM APPADOO. I confirmed it with Sonoo sitting nearby and we decided to meet at MGI.

I was HYPER HYPER HYPER HAPPY! I shared the good news with my friends in ‘La Caravanne’ UoM Cafetaria. Then I decided to not play for the football match, but instead to go and buy firecrackers and celebrate at MGI.

Given that all the Chinese shops were closed for their Chinese New Year, I went to Shoprite Hyper (where firecracks were virtually unavailable) to find the shelf which stored the red crackers. They were smiling at me. I took 5 of them and returned to MGI.

Arriving at school, I saw that the assembly was over. As I entered in, I shouted aloud (like if I won a lottery!) and directed myself towards the auditorium. I released 3 firecrackers packages with a Gandhian and went in straight to meet my close friend Visham (alias Papidoo), the new laureate!

As I was entering the beautiful Auditorium, I met the Director-General (who knows me well), the Registrar and other chairman. I then shouted loud: Vishammmm!! Hmm, given he became an important personality, I had to wait before the journalist took the snaps for le defi. Then a big hug followed. I was so proud of him. A dream becoming a reality!!

Then the following snaps:


Visham answering the Journalist’s questions whilst the photos were being taken by the photographer Now that Visham is having time to analyse his results with his parents. His Dad thanked Mr. Mauree whilst the latter congratulated him for his son’s effort and success. Mr. Mauree: “Mathematique la so resultat xtra bon!” Then came Ashvin after taking his results: 5 As no doubts.Congrats Ashvin, I am so proud of you bro! Time to go and celebrate outside now! Bursting of firecrackers, congrats from everywhere In the bus: Mari so Mari, Gandhi!!, lol especially at Venus. Upon arriving at Victoria bus station, we lit the last firecrackers to let Port-Louis know that our Proud laureate is with us!


To conclude, many hearty congratulations to you Visham! Wish you best of luck and bon courage for your tertiary studies (in America maybe). Thank you,for giving us (MGI) a laureate after 4 long years. Keep up the good work with the same determination, patience, love and devotion. May God bless you for your future career. Do keep in touch…

7 responses

  1. kussum

    Hearty congrats 2 our fellow friends. Ashesh, u’ve not delayed at all 2 take these photos & share them wiz us. U’v added Ashwin 2, dats nice of u..If am feeling so good by merely looking at them, i guess how u must have felt being there. Our laureate’s photos r nice but the best one is the first one. Its the true picture of Gandhianism! Finally, wen i look at all of u guys, there’s only 1 thing dat comes 2 my mind: GANDHIANS, THE BEST!!

    8 February, 2008 at 8:31 pm

  2. Jenita

    thats a very good “report” of the day Ashesh!! well..i feel really really hyper happy for “US”.. yeah us..we’v been waiting sooo long 4 this moment! all our thanks to Visham..congratulations..and may ur future be so bright ever!! thank u soo much for giving d skul so much pride..n nou les “ex- gandhians” sont o ptit nuages..grace a toi!! MGI RULZZZZ!

    8 February, 2008 at 8:31 pm

  3. shuhaib

    ehh ashesh to pan dir kisanla ine alime petar la..lolz..ti mari nisa dan bus..bon man vin lekol lindi!!we are liable to ask mr.moree to lauch a very very big party now!!ur website is gr8..manz r li!

    10 February, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    • I think it was someone called shweps or swheb who lit the crackers!! It was hyper fun. As soon as I gave him the crackers, he instantly put in down, in front of the auditorium and ignoring the people nearby (who should have distanced themselves) from the hazard, he lit the sound of VICTORY! MGI IS THE BEST!!

      lol, when the car alarm start on!

      Another issue that I missed and which was hyper funny:

      The police came to visit us, and you must know what happened next:
      No boushoum boushum,,,,,,,

      but instead:


      (la police la gagne hontE!!!) and they returned back to their den!

      THAT’S THE GANDHISM, THE GANDHI SPIRIT, and we are proud of being GANDHIANS!!


      10 February, 2008 at 8:34 pm

  4. Shaheel Hawseea

    After soo many years..Laureate on Science Side…. Hats off to Visham..I knoo its very tough sa mem pu zis ranked Science side.. mai lin ressi fer li… Good Luck for ur further studies..

    Well Ashesh saem apel Gandhian Attitude.. Ban photo la toppo net… Si selman nu ti laba nu si.. fete sa ek zot..:p Ti pu mari nice!!!!!

    11 February, 2008 at 8:30 pm

  5. rubab

    Sorry for this late comment:)
    Congrats our dear loreat,this proves that MGI mariiiiii.
    Keep up with the hard work my dear friend.

    Ah i miss my school days, it’s always a pleasure meeting ex MGi students.

    MGI c n lecol kot to apran amiser et reussi dan to lavi en mem temp. Hope MGI is still the same

    21 February, 2008 at 8:30 pm

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