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Installing a Programming IDE on Ubuntu

After installing the essential-built packages, which installs the compilers in ubuntu, it was high time to get a neat, loveable Programming Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

I went to Synaptic Package Manager and installed anjuta IDE, which is a GNOME development IDE for C/C++. Here is the full description:

This IDE for C/C++ and GNOME/Gtk+ applications has features that enable easy debugging and management of code. It also integrates with glade and CVS.

After installing anjuta, I typed the traditional Hello World problem and found that there was no make file and had to run autogenerate for this. Now came the real fuss: to install a lot of dependencies required by anjuta.

I consulted this < a href = “; target = “_blank”>tutorial.

Fortunately ubuntuforums was here so that I was able to make anjuta run my program. BUT I am currently not satisfied with this IDE given the directory problem: ~projects.

Then after a googling, I review this interesting article from Dr. Dobbs Portal. I was happy to see that his favourite IDE includes Visual Age for Java which is also commonly used by big software companies like Infosys. The following article on inspired me to install an alternative to Anjuta which is Geany! geany

Installation of Geany was so quick and running a program was incredibly easy, consequently: I fell in love with this IDE! 🙂

Apart from C++, I also tried a little bit of Python(which is an amazing language) Programming via wikibooks!

In the future, I have to give a try to VIM on Ubuntu and a great CVS system (alternatives to Micro$oft’s Visual Studio and Visual Sourcesafe). So, What’s your favorite IDE and favourite language?

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