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Linux talked with me!

Today, as I had not been able to go to learn programming in Scheme for “administrative” reasons, I had in my agenda, to share my knowledge and experience on Linux to a BSc. Physics student, who is a close friend of mine.

For this first Linux-tutorial session, I found the following book very interesting:

Introduction to Linux book Introduction to Linux, a Beginner’s Guide

With a hot cup of tea of table, the clock was ticking around 0915. As the first tutorial, we went through the following topics in Chapter 1: What is Linux: History. UNIX. 1.1.3. Current application of Linux systems 1.2. The user interface 1.2.1. Is Linux difficult? 1.2.2. Linux for non−experienced users 1.3. Does Linux have a future? 1.3.1. Open Source 1.3.2. Ten years of experience at your service 1.4. Properties of Linux 1.4.1. Linux Pros 1.4.2. Linux Cons 1.5. Linux Flavors 1.5.1. Linux and GNU 1.5.2. GNU/Linux 1.5.3. Which distribution should I install?. and Chapter 2: QuickStart 2.1. Logging in, activating the user interface and logging out 2.1.1. Introduction 2.1.2. Graphical mode 2.1.3. Text 2.2. Absolute basics 2.2.1. The commands 2.2.2. General remarks 2.2.3. Using Bash features 2.3. Getting help 2.3.1. Be warned 2.3.2. The man pages 2.3.3. More info What is very interesting with the book is that: 1) the Hindi Version is available! 2) there are exercises at the end of the chapters (Remember: Perfect Practice makes Perfect) 3) It teaches what we should know (I think so..)

It was a very interactive session. We both shared our knowledge on linux. I learn the following new command which I tried out:

shutdown 16:30

This command is supposed to shut down my laptop at 16:30, i.e after the rapidshare download is over. As soon as I pressed a key on my laptop, Linux talked with me!!:

When I returned at around 17:15 to check whether it really shut down, I got a the terminal in full screen mode. I was surprised. It did not worked as expected, instead, someone talked with me in Creole!I had no option to reboot and login in to obtain an error message about loading of GNOME failed and then re-login again to return to normal!

Phew…….I don’t know how Linux talked with me!?!

Anyways, I am very keen to continue the tutorial with my friend on each friday, if possible. Those who are interested to join us are welcomed, just let my know by commenting (so that I can print enough pages from the book for each student who wants to be creative and have fun with Linux.)

The sad thing is that, despite we have a Linux User Group in Mauritius, whose founder is a famous, hard-working lecturer in the CSE dept., in the Reduit campus,despite having so many registered societies, there is not even one on for Linux Users. This society could have been consisting of those students, lecturers, non-academic staff and persons who are interested to learn and have fun with linux under the guidance of Linux Geeks. I think such a project needs to be consideration by the Information Systems Society or any other body.

I have to contact the Linux Geeks now in order to know how come linux talked with me so that I don’t waste my time to look for wizards to remove the blackmagic!

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