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Bloody Large

Today, as I was in the Bookshop of Edition de LOcean Indien in the Reduit Campus, I came across a book on Linux Kernel Development. Having a quick skim at it, I found it interesting. However, it was too early to learn CSE 2002Y SYSTEM SOFTWARE.

After a brief googling, I came across the following interesting websites: The article on the new GCC and Kernel codenamed bloody large is interesting. Concerning the new Kernel, here is the mail personally sent by the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Here are the interesting parts of the mail:

“Just to have some fun, I did trivial statistics, and of the 1.4M lines of diffs, about 38% – 530k lines – were in architecture files (400k+ lines of diffs in arch/, 100k+ lines of diffs in include/asm-*), and another big chunk is in drivers (including sound) at about 44% – 610k lines – of changes.”

the intel graphics driver is starting to do suspend/resume natively (ie even without X support), which is a welcome sign of the times and may help some people. It helped on my laptop.

Given I had the suspend/resume problem last friday in the aweful pointers class, I think I should upgrade Ubuntu to this Kernel, but I don’t know how to!! Any help on this topic would be much appreciated.

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