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I am a Student Member of BCS…


bcs member

Finally, I was delighted to receive the “Welcome pack” from the British Computer Society concerning my Student Membership.

The Royal Mail contained:

  • A Welcome Letter from the Chief Executive David Clarke FBCS CITP
  • A beautiful membership card(as highlighted in the photo)
  • WELCOME TO IT, your introduction to BCS STUDENT MEMBERSHIP brochure
  • A Discounted Subscription Order Form for The Computer Journal

The BCS is the industry body for IT professionals and a chartered engineering institution for information technology (IT).

I am now a Student Member of the BCS and this membership will expire on 28 Feb 2012. Apart from the Ordinary Grade of Student, one could also be an Affiliate of Associate (AMBCS).

In order to gain access to many of the benefits and information available to me, I registered myself on and finally could log in in the BCS Secure Area. Phew…..Finally…Waow: A cool WELCOME ASHESH RAMJEEAWON was in my personal page, gotta have fun exploring this treasure.

  • I now have access to the BCS Reference Library which enables me to search, view an browse the contents of books.
  • I have to read, understand and follow the BCS Code of Conduct

  • Students may use the full title of their grade orally or in writing but may not use any post nominal letters or a logo.
  • Email Forwarding Facility: maybe will be my new email address
  • Forums: I am associated to the following brances: International/Mauritius; UK/Manchester; ASSIST/Oxford;
  • Phew…and many more…..

I feel proud for be a Member of this Society and I understand I have to abide by the Code of Conduct. Hmm.. high time to carry out activities professionally now…

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