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B+ B+ B+

Finally the Student’s Transcript is made available. We had to contact our Programme Coordinator to collect the document carefully designed in Crytal Reports.

As I entered the office, there was a strange atmosphere. Upon obtaining my transcript there was a “C’est bien, C’est bien” comment from the Coordinator.

I could witness B+ B+ B+ for the three Semester modules: Organisation & Management, Economics for Managers Statistics 1.Now I could not understand the Credit System i.e What is GPA, How is CPA calculated what is LPA/YPA. Only I could understand that my averages for the three modules were between 65 and 70.

After browsing the UoM CD given during the Orientation, I could understand that: If I had obtained A- in Economics or OnM, my GPA would had been 4. The following formulae are used: ∑ (MW Attempted × Grade point ) GPA = ——————————– ∑ MW Attempted ∑ (MW Attempted × % Marks) CPA = —————————— ∑ MW Attempted ∑year (MW Attempted × % Marks) —————————– LPA/YPA = ∑year (MW Attempted) where MW is the Module Weight = module credit units x Weighting (w) The computation of the LPA/YPA abides by the rules given hereunder: (i) it is calculated irrespective of whether the module is a core, elective or a General Education Module; (ii) it takes into account marks obtained in all modules taken in a particular year, including retake modules; (iii) it does not take into consideration modules having grades I, X, EX, S and U; and

Concerning the Award classification what I could understand that given my CPA is >60 and <70, I am currently under 2nd Class 1st division.

Upon enquiry with my elder sister studying engineering, I could understand that to be in First Class First Division, I need have CPA 70 or more.This can be achieved by scoring high in modules with 6 credits.

So here I am on the track………..The 6 Credits Modules, here I come to nail you to get my A+:


a +

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