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Accounting: Top 10 to dos


Accounting is a practical subject. The exams will test your practical competence. The following tips might helpful:

  1. The true test of understanding is whether or not you can tackle the question competently
  2. Not doing a lot of accounting questions = not becoming good at accounting
  3. Get a good speed in answering questions
  4. Be neat and tidy
  5. Proper layouts of financial statements
  6. Always include headings and dates
  7. Good time management
  8. Submit workings
  9. Tackle the easiest questions first; spread your time sensibly; end with the question you think you cannot answer or will be the hardest to answer, but do give yourself time to have a reasonable go at it.
  10. Accounting requires skill, application and above all confidence

Last but not the least, today is the 40th anniversary of independence and 16th anniversary of the Republic. Tonight there will be an all-night show whereby the stars Atif Aslam and Bombay Vikings will entertain us. Yesterday was the official National Day Celebrations and The President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Thabo Mbeki, was the Chief Guest on the occasion of the National Day Celebrations 2008.

3 Cheers for the Republic of Mauritius: Hip Hip, Hurray! Hip Hip, Hurray! Hip Hip, Hurray! Long live Mauritius, the key and star of Indian Ocean..

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