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Using Windows and Linux

First of all, sorry for late blog update. I am currently busy as a University Student with assignments and test. So, I was astonished when during the Unitech 2008 organised at the University of Mauritius, when the Mauritius Telecom guy was presenting the new product NetPC, I told him that “I am anti-Microsoft”. The issue was raised when I wanted to know what OS is on the NetPC? Unfortunately it’s not Linux. So, lets blog on Windows v/s Linux without engaging into a religious war.

Firstly, as my favourite blog Coding Horror says, “Software development is basically a religion. It’s not surprising that software developers are predisposed to these kinds of religious arguments. Pick your poison: * Linux vs. Windows * Mac vs. PC * C# vs. VB.Net * Ruby vs. Python * Static typing vs. Dynamic typing * Spaces vs. Tabs .. and so on, and so on, and so on, ad nauseam.” and google search would make you land on: this and this. From my personal experience of using Linux since 3 Feb 2008, I would deduce that: I love Linux for:

  • It is fun to do C++ programming in Geany Editor. I love the “solidarity” of the compiler. It even tells me for eg. “perhaps a semi-colon is missing after line 34”.
  • I love the notion behind Linux that I can be creative and do whatever I want with my hardware running Linux.
  • I love the Open Source world. I have been trying the famous icons on open source and I am happy. This blog is running on an Open Source CMS.
  • FREE. I like this word. Instead of paying the license for MS Project, I am hyper happy with OpenProj, the open source alternative to MS Project.
  • The SECURITY features of Linux are too good!
  • I love to learn new commands in Linux

But Still I cannot live without Windows because:

  • Adobe software: I need them!
  • MS CRACKABLE software
  • Running Packet Tracer!

I hate windows: VIRUS, SPYWARE, MALWARE, TROJAN Money: License, Cracks, Serials Here is another interesting article.

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