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My first presentation at university

Finally yesterday, Wednesday 2 April, the Kotlers’ Disciples were introduced to the world!



Well, who are the Kotlers’ Disciples??? Ans: we are a wonderful team in the class of MGT 1203 Marketing Fundamentals pricipally working for the assignments given to us. We had our first assignment presented before the class yesterday and phew……it went nice. It can be downloaded for appreciation purpose by clicking here. My personal experience

I really appreciated the team spirit and team effort. Each kotler disciple was outstanding. I really feel proud to form part of the team. The last minute changes were waow….the key was: flexibility and ability to adapt to change. I feel honoured to have team members who can adapt to new situations and overcome it.

Before going to the class, I was a bit tensed. But as soon as I took a deep breath and moved before the class, it was as if, I was before my audience again. My audience was again to watch my performance. I really appreciated those many eyeballs targeted at me, my moves, my style – after a long time, I was an actor again!

I started by testing the microphone: mic test, can you hear me there? and a nod from the back confirmed it. I then introduced the team members, the powerpoint (queue) manager. I really appreciated the way he got up and greeted everybody: Good Morning. Whilst presenting the other members, I had the tendency to get the difficulty of remembering their full “official” name, given I am so used to calling them by their short name.

On presenting the product, whilst trying to differentiate margarine with butter, upon using “di berre”, I think I was funny. Still I was happy to see my audience smile. I was missing that dearly. After the Agenda, on the first slide itself, we were told that we have few minutes for the presentation and I confirmed with myself that we have to accelerate a bit, given the long no of slides.

I was hyper satisfied with everybody’s performance. angelmandini’s was a bit funny: she forgot to take her ruler to show the ideal position in the perceptual map. Nevermind, she was looking so beautiful that I could not resist being into conversative mode during her turn. She could not complete her whole content delivery, given time constraint but I really appreciate her enthusiasm and determination to explain her given topic to prepare meticulously and with a spark of good pedagogy. Special thanks to her for the pictures taken at Winners Port Louis and the pain taken to note down the prices at Spar Port Louis.

I thanked everybody for their kind attention and greeted them.

A warm, soft round of applause followed, and then our lecturer gave a small break after which the other students would do their presentation.

THE FEEDBACK from only a few students -ve ones: The slides were bulky. The presentation was too long. 1 – 2 wrong slide presenting +ve ones: The slide design was mind-blowing. Kotlers’ Disciples members have good oratory skills. I was a nice host. We were the only group to have a maximum of members presenting THE WORD OF END

I would like to sincerly thank my team members for this wonderful job. We deserve 4/5.(do not forget to mail our lecturer the self-assessment marks). I would like to humbly apologise (given the last post’s comments) if I had adopted a wrong approach as a leader. I will certainly improve for the next presentation on “planter sousou”. Let us maintain this great team spirit. This presentation, our first one at university, gave us a good experience on how to present before the class. Let us retain the lessons from it on how to improve ourselves. Let’s give our best shot again for the next assignment!

Hail Kotler’s Disciples! Long live uni life!

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