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My first BCS Module Professional Examination



Today, I had to sit for my first BCS module for Certificate: Information Systems. 08:55 a.m: I was still getting off the Blue line bus. I rushed towards the MES building: “Bonjour, examens BCS svp” and I hurried towards the 3rd floor. Now so many classes, right, left.

Finally I saw one having my membership number seat. Already 09:00. Gosh……..I had to speed up.

I started with the question on the three levels of management levels. types of system used at each system and description of TPS, Data Warehouse system, KBS and DSS.

Next question on Feasibility Study, advantages & disadvantages of Fact-Finding techniques, how to ensure a project was produced on quality and on time.

Phew….the big questions of 30 marks were over.

Now I had to choose 5 questions out of 5. It was 09:55. I carefully chose the five questions and attacked them without pity.

For the definition of Web Services, I hesitated to include SOAP.

10:47: I had finished answering the questions.

Time to revise. 11:00: Stop Writing! The exams over, I was relaxed.

There was a cool atmosphere amongst the colleagues of infoclub. My Experience of giving the first professional exams: To do research and prepare well for the paper.

Only the lecture slides are not enough. RESEARCH is important to find more about the IT industry practices. I should also read magazines and extract important information from interesting articles.

I highly appreciated the Good Luck emails from the Regional Officer of BCS and from the Responsible for Indian Ocean.

Time to prepare for the Software Development Module and Technology module now.

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  1. Nawab Moniaruch FBCS CITP

    Dear Ashesh

    I read your blog and found it great. Btw are you still a member of BCS Mauritius Section? If yes, we are having our AGM on Saturday 24 May 2008 at 2pm at Unity House, Beau Bassin. Please do turn up as we need support

    Take care

    Nawab Moniaruch FBCS CITP
    Section Chair

    19 May, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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