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UoM Exams: Final Revision

Finally the exams are starting as from next week! Currently I am busy with revision. Where am I revising?


No! definitely not as in this picture! Well, there are two places that I like to study in the big campus of University of Mauritius: 1) the UoM Library 2) Raised Plaza.

The UoM Library My favourite place! I usually stay on the ground floor hunting for books in the Reserve section and getting the most out of the treasures. There is also the dissertation section where you can perform a search and consult (or get inspired) from the past dissertations. The Magazines section: I saw a decline in the magazines. Cannot find my favourite : Computer Solutions magazine. Enfin, I am receiving the BCS IT Now Magazine and the Online Computing magazine. There is a photocopy service; a beautiful place to sit down (the sofas are great) and read newspapers on the ground floor. There is a computerised books on loan system and the Fine system Works!

Raised Plaza The opposite of UoM Library. A place where group discussion is allowed after you have hunted for a decent place (chairs and tables) in the building. You can listen to music, plug your laptop and work or simply have a nice conversation with your colleagues. The final exams for my academic year one are at the doorsteps. Bonne Revision to me and Bon Courage for hitting them hard and showing them that I am the best!

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