Theatre & Films Productions

u: Multimedia Artist?


Here are the Professional tools which learning is a must to be a good multimedia Artist:

Adobe Flash 8

Create Flash animations/ website and harness the power of Action Scripting.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS 3

Create and maintain websites

Adobe Photoshop CS 2

The industry award winning software for photo editing and manipulation

Adobe Illustrator CS 3

Vector creation

Adobe Premier Elements 4

Video Editing

Adobe Audition 3

Sound Editing

Maya Unlimited or 3D Studio Max¬† or Bryce or Vue D’esprit

3D animation, rendering and character modelling

Adobe InDesign CS 3/ Adobe Pagemaker/ Microsoft Publisher / QuarkXpress

Desktop publishing

Microsoft Powerpoint


Adobe Director

Creation of Interactive CD-ROMS/ DVDs

Last but not the least important ingredient: INSPIRATION. To get inspiration, check out these incredibly artistic websites.

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