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Brain Drain at Google

I was checking on the team behind FriendFeed. To my great surprise, most of them were working at Google. Is there a brain drain at Google?



The following articles shed some light on this exodus: BBC News Wired Red Orbit “Most people who went to Google were bright, curious and wanted to solve interesting problems. Nobody went to Google for a salary,” “That company (Google) where large numbers of stunningly brilliant people congregate and feed off each other’s genius. That company that’s doing with 60 engineers what teams of 600 can’t pull off.” Resignations is a symptom of Corporate Failure, a topic which I learned well for DFA 1020 Accounting & Financial Analysis at the University. I am finally during the holidays!! Yesterday was the BCS AGM which I attended. Got the opportunity to meet my dear computing teacher after so many years. An update: Google is hiring! Here is their new Hiring page.

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