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Learning CSS, Day 3

Day 1 – CSS Site DesignEric Meyer (CD 1)

Installation of Webdeveloper, Firebug, toolbars on Firefox


Selectors + Specificity

Beginning CSS.ppt

Beginning CSS part 2.ppt

Day 2 – CSS Site Design – Eric Meyer (CD 2)

Bringing it all together

Tryout of Topstyle and StyleMaster software

Day 3


CSS Zen Garden, the beauty of CSS design, created by Dave Shea

Quote from Dave: “In the mid-90’s it (coding) was a hobby, these days I sometimes get paid for it. I am not and will never be a real programmer, but being able to bend a computer to my will often proves useful.”

Dave owns a web studio: Bright Creative is his weblog

learn CSS Easy way:

Submission on CSS Garden guidelines:

“As well, keep in mind that I have a purpose: the Zen Garden is about showcasing high–end CSS design. The cream of the crop will become official Garden designs, so treat this (your would-be design for submission) as you would any other portfolio piece.”

An event apart

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