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National Budget 2008/2009

Yesterday, 6 June 2008, Dr. Hon Ramakrishna Sithanen, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic Development presented the budget.

The broadcasted buget on the national TV is supposed to livestream on here, nevertheless it can be accessed here.

The theme of the budget is : Building an Attractive, Modern, Inclusive, Green, Open(AMIGO) Mauritius.

The major comments on the budget can be found on the following links:

2 responses

  1. Tulsi

    From ure blog title, people expected atleast ur opinion or a summary on the National Budget 2008/2009…But u simply provided links as if the people couldn’t google bout it or even buy the different newspapers.
    Maybe u r trying to adopt Mr Avinash Meetoo’s style…but u r very far from doing it…because Mr Meetoo atleast does provide his opinions on the topics…try to be orininal boy!ure as if blogging only for namesake…wen blogging do it from ur heart and from ure soul…be communicative with ur blog readers in ur blogs!!!anyways who are you accept advices since you dn’t even publish ur comments!!!atleast be honest with ure website and urself such that ure clients could trust you!!!

    7 June, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    • Hi Tulsi.
      It has been a “tradition” for each year for me to express my opinion on the National Budget speech in the Economics Tuition (since SC – HSC) .

      True, people who know how to properly google and search for information about the budget could easily do so. Maybe they could find this post a helpful guide.

      I have not expressed my personal opinion on the budget given I am busy with client. Or maybe, been rusted a bit in “Thinking like an Economist”. Will apply the oil and after analysis of the major published links in the post, I will express that of mine.

      Well Tulsi, I do publish comments, given that a blog without comments is not a blog, but I currently removed the Comments block on the website, will put it back again.

      Thanks for the great advice. I do not adopt styles, I get inspired and try to bring my own style out from creativity.

      9 June, 2008 at 8:43 pm

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