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public static main newBrowsers()


According to, Netscape was the first commercial Internet browser, introduced in 1994.

The demise of Netscape Browser with its official support ending of 1st March 08, gave rise to the Mozilla Foundation. The latter gave birth to Firefox (released in 2004) and the new Flock Web Browser. The babies are growing!

Firefox 3 finally sees the world! I have had the opportunity to try the Beta 4 & 5 versions of Firefox 3. The reason why I had to roll back to refox 2 is because of the non-portability of my favourite add-ons on Firefox 3. Will switch to the latter given that developers are adapting their add ons to the new firefox.

Interestingly enough, another project powered by Mozilla is Flock: the Social Web Browser. Giving this new browser a try is not a waste. The Home page is “Your World” in the Web 2.0. It has been tailored to meet the expectations of Social Animals, Sutterbugs, Bloggers, Media Junkies and News Hounds. Flock 2 is currenty on Beta and it runs on the Firefox 3 technology. Its a cool browser.

According the statistics, Firefox has become a very popular browser with over 35% of usage than that of IE.

iPhone is the new technology from Apple. The new iPhone 3G is supposed to be a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod and and breakthrough internet device with rich HTML email and desktop-class web browser. Well on iPhone, Safari is supposed to be the most advaced web browser ever on a portable device. During the keynote presentation of iPhone, it was interesting enough of Steve Jobs to “intelligently market” Safari.

There is a good competition in the browser market which will hopefully result in the gradual downfall of IE dominance. The trend is more towards designing with web standards. Those browsers complying with the web standards with outlive, the rest, will watch surfers using other “surfboards” to explore the world.



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