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Barcamp Mauritius – First Edition

Sometimes, I miss the opportunity to talk about work with co-workers: “Hey you know, its a cool favicon generator!”, “Oh really, I usually use, which is cool because of p, q, r, s”


Remaining only developer in solo and not having the opportunity to talk about the fun of development is a pain. Real talk about marketing, business strategies,latest technology and opportunities is a must. Wouldn’t be it nice to find a small group of likeminded people who share the same passions and who have the same needs?

Well, it just started and yesterday, I was at the first Barcamp Mauritius! It was a great opportunity to meet Pierre Bernard of Mauritius Network, Georges Lascie of e-scol@, Vincent Lecluse who was doing a presentation on WordPress and Jean-François Topige (Clarel’s bro!) of

I got the opportunity to learn new stuffs that are really fascinating, despite I missed 2 presentations., docuWiki, FlashMeeting, WordPress plugins, video pub (Orangina), etc.

After a break, came the presentation on OpenID by Pierre. Had the opportunity to exchange a few words and images with BarCamp Dijon.

Well, it was a great start and Barcamp Mauritius has still more to go. A very nice initiative.

Voir Le compte rendu du Barcamp Mauritius

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