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Well, during school days, there was a very interesting (though sometimes boring) subject called: career guidance. It was a cool 45-mins period-either to have fun listening to the teacher or have fun listening to her beautiful stories in English/Creole. It was well worth it – you get to know how to effectively draft your CV/ Resume, interviewing skills, attending job fairs, tertiary studies, etc etc.


I find the following career very nice: Business Development Executive (BDE), Field: IT, Telecommunications


  • At least Bachelor degree from Marketing/ Business/ IT/ Computer Science
  • At least 3 years as Marketing & Sales professional in IT/ Telecoms./ ISP
  • Proven track record of strong marketing and sales expertise
  • (must be able to hit sales target and one should be able prove the high earnings and sales figure at interview stage)
  • Should possess excellent communication leadership and coaching skills together with strong selling and negotiation analytical and problem solving skills
  • The BDE should be able to work in teams while at the same time being focused on Customer Care and be creative and innovative.
  • Looking for Energetic, hard working, driven BDE, who is strong in face-to-face sales meetings and at closing sales deals.

In some companies, there are Graduate Trainee BDE, whereby they would be part of a professional and friendly team. They will be offered the opportunity to undergo and intensive training programme covering all aspects of the sales process as well as product knowledge and company knowledge, ensuring one has the right skill set for a successful career in sales.

If I were still doing the career guidance class today, I am confident, I would had to copy the following notes:

What does it take to become a successful BDE?

  • Sales Orientation. You receive shear enjoyment from changing the minds of people who don’t agree with you. Persuasiveness.
  • Assertiveness: The ability to be insistent and forcibly make your point without offending.
  • Empathy: The ability to understand another’s situation or problem.
  • Desire to learn: Driven to learn and expand your knowledge.
  • Goal-Orientation: The ability and desire to set goals and objectives and meet them regardless of obstacles.
  • High Energy: The ability to keep going when others drop by the wayside.
  • Resilience: To face defeat and to have the ability to bounce back to meet new challenges.
  • Passion to Achieve: The burning unquenchable desire to succeed.

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