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Google’s Lively

Are you tired of the classic way of interacting with people over the web? Chill, Google is here. A new project has joined their labs: Lively. This new online tool allows you to embody a cartoonish online avatar and have text-based conversations with friends and other Internet users in virtual chat rooms.


Lively permits you to

  • Create your own space – chat and interact with your friends in rooms you design
  • Express yourself – customise your avatar and stream personal photos and videos
  • Add room to your site – Invite friends to chat and help decorate

Example of Popular rooms include: World of Warcraft, Lively Record Room, Lively Rooftop pool etc.

According to Google’s official blog post (on which you can also watch the Demo Video),

The Lively team wants to help people experience another dimension of the web. We hope you will use the product to express yourself with and without words, and to do this in the places you already visit on the web.

If you enter a Lively room embedded on your favorite blog or website, you can immediately get a sense of the room creator’s interests, just by looking at the furniture and environment they chose. You can also express your own personality by customizing your avatar’s look, showing people who you are without having to say a word. Of course, you can chat with each other, and you can also interact through animated actions. In our user research, we’ve been amazed at how much more poignant it is to receive an animated hug than seeing the text “[[hug]]”.

Is this the new revolution to having a Second Life on the Web? Will the Virtual World become fully implementable where you give expression another new dimension? Let’s wait and observe how Lively evolves from the labs to the real world of internet users.

For now, lets try Lively!!!

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