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The best company to work for

What makes Google really unique is what people they have at the Googleplex. Google goes to amazing length to create the best possible work environment. Google hires people who are really good. The Googlers are said to be creative and from excellent educational background. Everyone in the company is really driven to make the company succeed. The concentration of talent at Google is amazing.

The $150 billion dollars company have the following facilities: Yoga 11 different Cafetarias State-of-the-art Gym, swimming pool Indoor and outdoor games Hair cut, Day care, Medical Check up Massage Laundry service, dry-cleaning Food – Amazing cuisine, Snacks, Drinks surprisingly, employees can also bring their pets (dogs)

At Google, Geeks enjoy being with other Geeks! The salaries are competitive and many employees become millionaire owing to the company’s stock. But how to get recruited in the Fortune’s Best company to work for? The HR dept. looks for people who are excited about technology. The person should ideally fit in the international team.

So interested to work at Google, you apply for a job. You are then contacted by one of the recruiting team who tells you about what is expected with working at Google. Most applicants go through phone screening with a 40-50 minutes of conversation with somebody who is already working in that similar role. From there, if all goes well, Google tends to have another phone screen to get more information or instead to come at Google’s facility for an interview. Basically Google tests the applicant’s problem solving abilities in the field that they are recruiting for. They give candidates questions related to the area and have them solve the problem in real time. According to Google, it is not necessary about whether you get the answer right or wrong, but the process that you used in order to solve these problems because Creativity is really important for the company.

At Google, much time is taken in the hiring process. They make sure to review how a candidate did: whether on phone screen or on site. Here is the official page for Google Jobs- Life at Google. However despite the top pros, we did noticed a Brain Drain at Google.

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