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Wall E -Viral Marketing

Wall E is Pixar’s latest computer animated movie by the same director of Finding Nemo. The movie follows the romance between 2 robots (Wall E and EVE) in the future.



The initial idea behind WALL-E was: What if mankind evacuated Earth and forgot to turn off the last remaining robot? Wall E is the only one still truly living on Earth. And what is the ultimate purpose of living? To love. And WALL-E falls head over heels with a robot named EVE. Now, Wall-E’s feelings aren’t reciprocated because, well, she has no feelings. She’s a robot, cold and clinical. WALL-E is the one who has evolved over time and garnered feelings. So in the end, it’s gonna be WALL-E’s pursuit to win EVE’s heart, and his unique appreciation of life to become mankind’s last hope to rediscover its roots. In short, it’s going to take a robot’s love to help make the world go round.

Wall E is a movie with great visual effects, a visual endowment, and a decent science-fiction story which would please not only the children but adults as well. It is so beautiful, moving, hilarious & sad at the same time. But another aspect of the marketing of the movie is that Viral Marketing was used. According to nymag,

Pixar launched a pretty incredible fake official Website for Buy n Large, the movie’s fictitious global conglomerate responsible for turning Earth’s population into chair-dwelling, TV-addicted fatties. The site was so insidiously viral that it took us until Saturday to realize it existed. The awesome privacy policy (“By visiting the Buy n Large website you become a registered member of the Buy n Large Database. You may not unsubscribe to this database at any time”), and ads for Xanadou, the revolutionary BnL-created pill that promises to simulate a “euphoric shopping experience.”

It’s smart, funny marketing that reminds us to be skeptical of all big companies, except for Pixar, whom we now trust lovingly and unconditionally.

Another aspect of the viral marketing campaign was the creation of a video of real wall-e and it interacting with people over the streets of Los Angeles. Do watch the video here. The traditional media advertising like TV or billboards can become saturated in the near future. Already in the movie industry the magic of word-of-mouth has been existing. The Viral Marketing campaign gave life to the players in the Wall E movie.

Finally, make sure you catch WALL·E on the big screen when you can, if only as a reminder of how good it feels to love, to dream and to want something so much, you’d happily chase it from one galaxy to the next.

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