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My Special Day

Today is my special day!!!

Birthday Cake 2007

Well, what are my most memorable events during the days of 19? To me, 26th June 2008 – meeting with the ex Chief Justice – Sir V.G would remain engraved in my memory.

After much difficulty, it happened for me to be lucky enough to be able to obtain a courtesy call at his office at 10:30 a.m. With the support of Dada Ji only that arranging this meeting was possible. It was his initiative in fact.

Already 9:45, we left the programme at Droopath Ramphul SSS to set off for Chancellors House. We were nervous. As maximum as possible, I tried to remain calm. We arrived at Sir’s suite five minutes before the scheduled meeting time. The office secretary welcomed us and Sir was informed of our arrival. After a few moments, the honourable allowed us into his office. A firm handshake and elusive smile. After having a seat, we immediately proceeded to the items in the agenda. I kept talking, maintaining the eye contact whilst he was jotting down the points. The keys of his BMW car on his table and shelf full of law books behind. Then Dada Ji introduced me as a would be University student. Again, Sir was hardly interactive and only asked questions when necessary. The end of the meeting came quickly given Sir is a very busy person. We thaked the secretary and took some fresh air. It was such a short meeting which I will never forget.

It is in the same way that Alan Shore faces the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S from Boston Legal’s episode 17 (Season 4). He had to speak sense pressure on him to defend his client and fight for the principle he believed.

The next day, came another surprise: an unscheduled, unexpected meeting with a young, newly appointed magistrate. This time, he was talking much about the Law profession whilst I kept listening attentively. His voice was clear, loud and he had full conviction in what he was talking.

Well these are the best moments, amongst others, during my nineteens. Let’s see what lies ahead in my new twentees now!!

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  1. Mohna

    General Comment

    Couldnt find another better page to publish my comment since no guest book 😦 Well a mere glance at the blog, u can sense the hardwork, time, effort, patience,care devoted..n the list is endless. The blog itself wants me to cruise more n read evrything, Unfortunately due to time constraints im not able too, but i shall do so in the future. Congrats Ashesh, for this wondeful job n for pages of information that u r willing to share with the whole world, precious advices, golden words from famous ppl and so on… Congrats for the whole job and best of luck for the future. Hats off to you, your creative mind n ur time, there are very few gems like you left now.. Sending you my best wishes from miles n miles away

    Take cre

    8 December, 2008 at 5:34 pm

  2. Thank you Mohna! This is the best comment I am moderating, till yet.
    As always, you are someone who inspire me a bit.
    Thanks for appreciating my creativity and for the accolade.
    Bon courage for your studies..
    Your future constructive comments would be most welcomed! 🙂

    11 December, 2008 at 1:46 pm

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