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Charismatic-Visionary Leadership

Ref: Management 8th Ed. Robbins & Coulter

World Book dictionary defines Charisma as: a personal appeal or power to fascinate and attract others.

A charismatic leader is ann enthusiastic, self-confident leader whose personality and actions influence people to behave in certain ways. The five common traits of such leaders are:

They have a vision

They are able to articulate that vision

They are willing to take risks to achieve that vision
They are sensitive to both environmental constraints and follower needs
They exhibit behaviours that are out of ordinary
Charismatic leadership is more likely to be in politics, religion, wartime or when a business firm is starting up or facing crisis.
Example of charismatic leaders include: Jeff Bezos, Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison.

Visionary Leadership goes beyond Charisma given its ability to create and articulate a realistic, credible and attractive vision of the future that improves upon the present situation. Visionary leaders have three qualities that are related to effectiveness in their visionary roles:
ability to explain the vision to others

ability to express the vision not just verbally but through behaviour

ability to extend or apply the vision in different leadership contexts

Eg. Michael Dell

Here is an interesting article on Harvard Business Publishing: Charisma-credit or curse. Quotes from the article:
Charisma itself is the shine on the apple, but not the apple itself. As behavioral scientists have postulated, the shine often comes from what people want to see.

If inspiration rests only on aspiration rather than perspiration, it is vaporous.

Ultimately, leaders are judged on results

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