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Good Writing

Ref: Journal of Marketing Vol. 72 Jan 2008: The Readability of Marketing Journals: Are Award-Winning Articles Better Written?

Readers store information in long-tem memory, link new information to prior knowledge and use metacognition to think about and plan the learning process. Better writing propels an academic’s influence and reputation. The finest writing is often from the most distinguished researchers.

Given that the next academic year announces, we notice only 1 semester module: MGT 2217(3) Research Methodology in Management. So better warm up to produce fine and readable articles upon research. Here is an extract from one of American Marketing Association Journals to which I have access owing to the exclusive benefits of BCS student membership.

Scientific writing presents several challenges. Complex topics may require complex writing to convey accurate information, with frequent use of jargon, qualifying phrases, data, statistics, footnotes and references.



Good writing involves:

  • having good grammar and sentence structure
  • using appropriate, short and easy-to-understand words and sentences
  • avoiding unnecessary technical jargon
  • keeping the length proportionate to the likely contribution
  • writing for a specific audience and journal
  • using an interesting style with a clear and appropriate structure

Motivation and perspiration are important ingredients for good writing. One must maximise on article’s readability. Even after many drafts, authors should take a "final" draft and one last time, try to simplify, shorten and improve the structure of sentences and the manuscript as a whole. Extend the use of precise, short-sentences to improve readability. Most manuscripts and sentences can be shortened and improved.

"Consider the version of you are thinking of sending as the n-1st version. Give it to colleagues to read not only for content, but for clarity as well."

As Holbrook (1986 p.106) colorfully states "Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. In each section, paragraph and sentence of your paper, shun excessive length as diligently as you would avoid paying into extra interest expenses on your credit card. Say exactly what you need to say, no more, then stop. Like this."

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