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Orientation day at UoM

According to the UoM calendar of activities, this week-,Monday 4 Aug – Friday 8 Aug consists of the Orientation days. Today, there was the Orientation day for the Faculty of Law and Management. I had the golden opportunity to accompany my friends who were going to orient the fresher Management with IS class.

The event started at 13:00, where there was a bit of bla bla by student union members and PILS representative who had a bold “protect you” print on his T-Shirt. Then, the calling of the programmes Orientors name and the requests for the freshers to kindly follow them. The new feature this year, we notice is, the presence/ sponsorship of Orange. MCB Student Package was again present!

Near the auditorium, emerged the students  – accounting with IS and management with IS. The innocent faces willing to know about the biggest university campus in Mauritius. My Orientor friends started by introducing themselves and then started with the first item of the following itenary:

  • Library
  • Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities
  • Engineering Tower
  • CITS
  • RBLT
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Ex-Common
  • Cisco Lab
  • MCB
  • Stone Building
  • Uni Press
  • Gate / Passerelle
  • Faculty of Law and Management (FLM)
  • Services/ PRO
  • Student Union
  • Common
  • finally the Gymnasium Complex

The noticable event was, at the FLM, where we came across a reporter and his photographer of presumably L’expess newspaper. Here, our main Orientor was happy! It  was hyper cool and fun to fulfill the requests of the photographer during the explanation. At the same time, the reporter was asking questions to the freshers.

Delivering explanations and at the same time pieces of advice, we reached the Gym where the representative from Badminton Club introduced the club’s identity and main activities.

The new MIS guys were tired and after introducing themselves and a bit of chit chat, we bid good bye.

This was a brief  “apperçu” of today’s event. It was great to show the new university students their respective lecture theatres and labs as well as sharing tips of university life and telling them how “spicy” would be MIS year one. We simply wish them bon courage for their new academic year and all the best!

2 responses

  1. Orientation day 😀
    ti sauvE last year frm my orientation day lol…
    hehe…tne montrE zot ban ‘ti bazz’ uni la :P?

    16 August, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    • hey daks!
      Pu Orientation Day 2010 at UoM (Faculty Law and Management), it was sad to be unable to orient for Management with Information system group as this course is being cancelled for taking future enrollments.

      I am unhappy about it and talked with the Chairman and Pro-Chancellor of UoM about it yesterday.

      13 August, 2010 at 5:36 am

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