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What is HRM?

Source: Essential of HRM – 4th Ed. Author: Shaun Tyson and Alfred York Ref: Part Two – HRM as a system

The aim of the book is to provide a general background on specific aspects of Human Resource Management (HRM). Here is the “boiled” version of a chapter which attempts to shed light on what is HRM.

Managers as Employers



Human Resource Management



Managers are expected to organise and to be accountable for the work of other people. In this process, managers act as employers and as such they create and sustain the employment relationships of their organisations. Managers work involve co-ordination and control. The action of managers are usually very much concerned with achieving results through other people and therefore the interpersonal skills they demonstrate notable are:

  • their capacity to communicate and to receive information
  • the climate of trust they establish
  • the degree of enthusiasm they generate
  • their sense of fairness and their own humanity will be more significant than a grasp of techniques such as how to discount cash flow or to prepare a critical path analysis

Managers excercise their authority in such a way that

  • is regarded as legitimate
  • they maintain the adherence of subordinates to the organisations’ goals and
  • build teams which are capable of achieving these goals

Human Resource Management, in its specialised sense is concerned to help in the widest possible way with these managerial tasks.


1960 -> mid 1980, the specialist occupation concerned with managing people: Personnel management

Personnel management is the recruitment, selection, development, utilisation of and accomodation to human resources by organisation. (French, 1978: 3).

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a term which stresses the development of people and assets rather than their control as costs and places people management at the strategic heart of business planning. It is the occupation that exercises a responsibility throughout the organisation for creating, maintaining and adjusting the policies that form the employer’s part of employment contract.

Organisations adopt different HRM strategies according to the threats and opportunities they face in their planning environment. HRM can be perceived as a kind of social conscience, reminding the senior management of their social responsibilities.

Functions of HR managers

HR departments can:

  • spend time operating on personal welfare problems
  • concerned with issues as
    • reduction of absenteeism
    • labour budgeting
    • headcount etc.
  • help achieve organisational development
    • HRM helps the company to adapt to change
    • HRM strives to have a beneficial influence on relationships through the application of social sciences to people management problems by using
      • job design schemes
      • job satisfaction schemes and
      • communication techniques
  • In some organisations, some HR departments perform low-level administration like:
    • dealing with routine requests from managers for recruitment
    • transfers and termination
  • Whilst other HR departments perform Strategic planning
    • developing long-term personnel plans and
    • industrial relations strategy

How the work is conducted will depend on the particular organisation and there is no common standard applicable throughout the public sector, industry and commerce.

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      I think “digging” good materials from respective texbooks, in a digestive, summary form and consequently sharing them with friends is a great idea. This one has helped me to atleast get an idea of what to expect in the first class….

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