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I was searching for a screencast when suddenly I fell on University Lipdub. Yeah, at first when I saw the name: University Lipdub, did a Google Search to determine whether this is a university somewhere is the world. But to my surprise I found that this is an interesting project: University Lipdub – What will you do after studying?


First of all, What is University Lipdub?

What do you do after studying?

The idea for University LipDub originally came from six students at the Faculty of Digital Media (at the Hochschule Furtwangen University in Germany). They produced the University LipDub video within one semester including conception and realization.

More than sixty people, including “singers”, extras, assistants and professors, contributed their passion and made the impossible possible. The result is a short exciting video, taking the viewer through lecture rooms, computer rooms, recording studios and many other parts of the university building.

and the most fascinating part is that: they produced the video in one shot (you can watch the making of here):

In the whole sequence, what some of you may not believe, there is no single cut! You can call it “plan sequence” or “single shot”.

Why University Libdub?

We want to create a lipdub community for every university and university of applied sciences worldwide! Every student probably knows what he or she likes the most about their university and should be able to present this in a certain way. Companies of different countries already have done this within the Office lipdub community. – The idea for the University Lipdub community was born.

No more suspense, here is their masterpiece:


University Lipdub (HS Furtwangen) from DASKAjA on Vimeo.


Mind blowing video na? especially the lecturer’s contribution in the lecture theatre in the last part was unexpected.

So, Why not have our first University libdub?

 The libdub project is an effective way to show your creativity to the world. Especially now that at the University of Mauritius, we have the MediaCom Studio set up and even their first video put on youtube:  Maybe they (the communication and Journalism students) could pioneer the project given that the department has  – Panasonic HD camcorders with tripods and a lighting kit,  Olympus audio recorders with tie-clip microphones,  and most importantly (the most expensive part:) Apple iMacs complete with the iLife and iWork suites. Below are the Guidelines and Tips:

  1. one well-chosen song
  2. crazy and creative students (there is no dearth in the Reduit Campus)
  3. at least one professor (euhh, one cool lecturer)
  4. on-campus production at your own university (we recently noticed the MBC cameraman doing lot of shooting, our turn now!)
  5. not a single cut! (challenging, but exciting)
  6. a lot of fun!

Finally the students can showcase their video at the University Libdub project by submitting the following info:

  • name of song (artist and title)
  • a short significant summary (idea, production, behind the scenes,…)
  • hyperlink to the video
  • name and location of your university / university of applied sciences
  • period of production
  • information about your team

As students, we are young, much more open minded and sometimes even more creative than long time employers. Why not give it a try?

To end up, warm congratulations to the production team who did a great job!

university libdub

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