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Interview – marketing manager

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The clock ticked 7:00 in the morning. It was high time to sit down and draft the first compilation of the marketing report.

I started by looking for some inspiration first ;D. Carefully analyzed the different format of the report and content to come up with something that fits my choice. And here we go: I easy got a table of contents containing 5 chapters. Then, time to produce another improved powerpoint presentation. My creativity and imagination were put at test. They were powered by Memogen, of course :D. And here we go: got astonishing powerpoint slides…

After sharing the work on MSN, time to quickly get ready now!! brick brack brack, and here we are:

nervous me

It was raining. I was a bit nervous. I drove as cooly as possible with the support of Trance Music – DJ Tiesto, Club Life.

Around 12:36, I arrived at the Reduit Campus, heps, a pleasant surprise: Graduation Ceremony at the auditorium, perhaps of the Faculty of Engineering. I called the beautiful gurls.

What a nice surprise to see them, all nicely dressed. The problem was the route to QBL, Belle Rose plant, given me, tiny little me, as a novice driver has many routes to explore yet. But we managed and the gurls also managed to nicely sit in the car and enjoy the ride :D. It was raining, waow, it was romantic :D.

In less than 20 minutes, we reached our destination. Time to get ready for the big shot. I got the camera ready and took some snaps before security notified to obtain formal permission in terms of a call from manager to their watch post.


Then we were kindly invited to wait for the Marketing Manager at the Board Room. We were kindly led by the Security. The latter was curious. He wanted to know whether we are going to do placements at the plant or not. Chit chatting with him, we could observe people in the assembly line. and finally we arrived at our destination. Ouh la la, time to get settled quickly and review the questionnaire. bad lucky me, my Tie was in “disorder”:


dressing cravate


mehnaz n me

Much better now!

Finally, we saw the appearance of the Assistant Marketing Manager. The bad news: She is taken up for another meeting.

we got the opportunity to interact or socialise with her for a limited time period of say 15 minutes. It was cool. The lady was fluent in French and a bit strict and busy. She committed to answer the questions by mail et bid goodbye.

Then, unexpectedly came, the HR Manager, whose niece forms forms part of the assignment. He sat down and after socialising, he said: “posez moi vos questions!”

It was another cool, encouraging moment. We proceeded as expected. To our great surprise, we witnessed that the Manager is a Genius! He knows well about marketing theories and concepts, about Management, about Economics and a good logic and sharpness.

Indeed, it was really amazing. At the end I could not stop to compliment his extreme capabilities. We thought that given his routine is within the HR Dept., probably he would have few and not so deep understanding of Marketing concepts. But it turned out to be the contrary….It was fantastic. Hats off to the HR Manager.

In the end, he was really a gentleman: We were invited to his office (which I find a very elegant one), where in his HP Laptop (yu yu- HP), he showed us the document(s) to which he was making reference during the informal interview. Eps, we also obtained a souvenir in terms of a porte-clE.

Eihh, photo de souvenir before departure:

QBL et les filles

It was really a cool experience! we really enjoyed it and are proud of our teamwork!

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