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Office Space, Work Sucks…

Below is the movie review for Office Space, a movie which we are supposed to view for the Human Resources Management Module.

Main Characters:

Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons
Jennifer Aniston as Joanna
David Herman as Michael Bolton
Ajay Naidu as Samir Nagheenanajar
Diedrich Bader as Lawrence
Stephen Root as Milton Waddams
Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh


The movie revolves around employee working at a software company Initech.

Peter does not basically likes his job. He sits in a cubicle and updates a bank software. He is supposed to produce TPS reports as output. He is supervised by 8 persons.

Samir and Michael bolton works in the same cubicle. They are frustrated by a fax machine.

The funny guy who loves his red stapler. He is easily manipulated by the Division Vice President. The latter orders him to move his desk and takes his red stapler away from him.

Peter is interested at a coffee waitress who also does not like her job. She is required by her boss to display flair by wearing a minimum of 15 “icons” on their uniform.

One fine day, the staff at Initech realise that the company hires 2 consultants to perform “household cleaning”. The company is resorting to downsizing.

Lumberg requests Peter to work on Saturday and Sundays because supposedly the company lost some people and some catch up has to be done. But Peter does not want to.

Peter seeks the service of homeopathy because he wants the solution to: is it possible that I come at home and  think that I have been fishing all day!” Peter receives relaxation technique.

Consequently Peter keeps relaxing Saturday and Sundays! He keeps on doing nothing. Peter decides not to go to office but he does not want to quit.

He get around with Joana and watch Kung Fu with her!

At Initech, as all the other employees, Peter goes to the interview by the 2 consultants. The latter request them to describe Peter’s typical day. Peter tell them honestly. The consultants realise the problem with Peter (demotivation) and realise that Peter’s potential is at Upper level management.

Peter refuses his manager Lumbergh to produce TPS reports. Upon the recommendations of the 2 consultants, Peter receives a promotion where he will be in charge of 4 people. However on the other hand, Peter’s friends  – Samir and Michael would be fired.

Peter then conspires with Michael who once told him that he can write a software to “steal” money the banking transactions which Initech software performs. They both convince Samir to collaborate in this plot also.

They three people execute their plan! However a problem occurs and the company finds out about it.

It is great fun to see how the after their resignation at Initech, they also steal the nagging print machine (which is always paper jammed when you most need it). They take out all their frustration on the machine by breaking it into pieces.

In the end, Peter want to return the money illegally stolen via the computer virus introduced into the mainframe. To his good luck, a fire breaks out at the company and Initech does get an idea about the computer scam performed by its former employees.

Peter takes the job that of his neighbour – garbage collecting, which he likes very much – earning bucks, exercising and liking what he is doing.

Joana resigns from the previous restaurant and works for another one.

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