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Barcamp Mauritius – Second Edition


Barcamp Mauritius 2


Barcamp Mauritius 2

Well, finally the second edition of Barcamp Mauritius was held! It was at Metalic building – Ebene – Mauritius from 10:00 to 18:00. The conference room was that of Blue Ice Executive, whose Director was part of the Barcamp.

I had decided to prepare a bit on Human Resource Management and the application of IT in this field, thus: E-Recruitment. The problem was that I could not prepare everything in Shakespearian language :). So had to give a bit of pain to have my slides in French. 

Happy for having prepared it, I set off, confident and enthusiastic for the second edition of Barcamp Mauritius. Vimal gave me a good company. We first landed at Port Louis for Microsoft’s event: PC Dome 2008. It was not so greatly interesting, we prefered to move to barcamp, after Pierre gave us a call.

Having arrived there, the first initial impression of us were, luckily good: ‘Ah voila Ashesh, le bogosse!’. I was extremely delighted to view the faces of the barcampers again. I got to know the new barcampers who were looking very nice with the brand new T-Shirt. A bit of socialising and we started in the conference room by presenting ourselves.

The barcampers were:

After getting to roughly know each other, we had lunch: miam miam, the du pain vindaye were delicious. 😀 Having some beer we also talked about the organisation of the future edition of Barcamp Mauritius, maybe at the University of Mauritius, why not? Any volunteers for the organisation/ participation are welcomed.

Then, the real fun started. I was given the priviledge to start with my presentation first :). A bit of troubleshooting of my laptop with the projector – (it was the first time, my laptop being connected to such a display device, so could not managed to do it by myself :))

Well I just hoped that everybody would like the presentation and find the topic interesting. At first, I followed with the slides a bit fast. It concerned the explanation of the traditional Recruitment and Selection process in companies. Then I moved to, how this is done via websites and talked a bit about Video CV. The participants seem interested and they were following attentively. I was happy to see Pierre contributing to my presentation a bit.

In the meantime, we witnessed the arrival of :Joseph Cardella de l’université Populaire de l’ile Maurice (UPIM) and Avinash  Meetoo ancien professeur en informatique reconverti en homme d’affaire autour de solutions opensource.

After talking on web 2.0 and Recruitment and Selection, it was time to impart knowledge on the interesting topics of maybe web 3.0: Virtual Recruitment (Second LIfe, Games). At that particular time, I was highly interactive, asking question to Malcolm and Vincent.

And the presentation ended. I was very happy and relieved also 😀

After a bit of Flashmeeting, we went to make payment to BCS Regional Office for the BCS IT Personality Award 2008. It was nice to talk with the BCS Regional Manager there about Barcamp Mauritius. It was equally a pleasure to witness a keen interest in Barcamp from his part.

Back to Ebene, where Barcamp Mauritius second edition was still going strong with the presentation of Franck on TortoiseCVS and Joomla. I highly appreciated his personality as a Chef D’entrepreneur and his company’s portfolio.

Time for another break. A bit of socialising. It was hyper cool to talk with the new friends and getting to know them and what they do in life as IT professional.

Back to business, came the presentation of Malcolm which was very interesting. Honestly I got to learn a lot from his work. Hats off to you pal 😀

 Then last but not the least, the presentation of Mascareignes Benoit and Aboubakar. Benoit talked about the history of the concept of Street Marketing and his background a bit. Whilst Aboubakar presented how he managed to get the product working under Ubuntu. That was really really impressive and work of true Geeks. I highly appreciated their work.

Then Barcamp was over. After closing the office, at the parking we finished the last 2 bottles of beer happily. We were all very satisfied. The quality of the presentations were great. Hats off to the organisers and thanks to the sponsors.

C ya for the next edition of barcamp. Till then stay connected 🙂

2 responses

  1. Nice comment about this BarcampMauritius 🙂


    6 December, 2008 at 5:31 am

  2. he he! Thanks to you Mauritius Network for organising this great event.
    Looking forward for the next edition of Barcamp Mauritius.
    In the meanwhile, let me prepare my next presentation for the next barcamp. Hmm maybe on Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 (Tentative title)

    Long live Barcamp community! 😀

    6 December, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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