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Google OS

 As most of you know, the Windows operating system is the most popular and the most utilized personal computer operating platform in use today, and has been for many years. Windows has made Microsoft the powerhouse it is today, thanks to its user-friendly interface and a number of other features that greatly simplify your daily life.

However, there is now a new computer operating system that is taking over, and it’s not coming from inside your personal computer, and it’s not from your company’s LAN (Local Area Network) or intranet network either. What I’m referring to here is the “G” operating system, better known as the Google operating platform. Thanks to many of its PHD’s and engineers, and using its vast research labs in Mountain View California, Google is building a gigantic information system, complete with its own computer operating system that anybody can use, 24 hours a day.


I am thinking of the future Operating System that could be used by Google:  Google OS or GooOS or gOS. According to, here is what they talk on a cloud browser operating system. Cloud boots into a browser with Google, Yahoo!, and Live in seconds on GIGABYTE Convertible Netbook:

The concept is as follows:

Cloud is a browser operating system (I have heard of Internet Operating  System like Cisco IOS and first time hearing BOS) that combines beautiful design with sophisticated technologies to make the PC faster, safer and easier. I think you must have a main Operating System (the Gigabyte notebook has windows) and Cloud allows you to switch to them, whether there is Windows or Linux on the machine.

Quote from on Googles OS:

Expect to see millions of web devices, even desktop web devices, in the coming years that completely strip out the Windows layer and use the browser as the only operating systemthe user needs. That was going to happen anyway, but Chrome + Gears just made the decision a whole lot easier for hardware manufacturers to make.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is stuck with a bloated closed source browser that they don’t even tether to their search engine for fear of more antitrust woes. Google can push their search engine and other web services all day long on Chrome, with no government interference. So not only will Chrome drive lots of incremental revenue to Google, it also paves the way for a Microsoft-free computing experience.

A Microsoft-free computing experience: Am waiting for that day: an end of Microsoft’s empire and rise of the Open Source world!

More information and interesting screenshots of the conceptual Google OS is found here. And the happy stuff is that the gOS runs on Linux! 

The gOS provides easy access to Google services such as YouTube, Google Product Search, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. Also a click away are other web services such as Wikipedia and Facebook. This isn’t a pure Internet desktop but Xine, Skype,, and other applications are available for this Linux LiveCD. We’ve been trying the gOS out for a while and it’s a rather nice slim desktop Linux distribution that would be perfect for Internet cafes and other public places.


What is the Specs of the Google OS?

  • a simple, easy to use interface, accessible to all levels of users (which is Google’s philosophy)
  • a streamlined Google OS on its own hard disk partition, separated from the entertainment, gaming, and media production environments
  • a high-powered internet, media, and local disk search engine
  • office suite, a lean web browser (Chrome, though it is still in beta), and various other applications and utilities: Add Gmail: a clean, javascript-based application, stored on a server, accessed via the internet, from which a user can not only compose, read, organize, and search their email, but also quickly access Google’s search and other services. Now, look at Google News: a world of online news sources, which can be customized to an individual users preferences. Throw in Google’s desktop search, the Picasa photo software, and Firefox (Mozilla and Google have significant overlap in their employed workforces) with live bookmarks, and cool research extensions such as dictionary and thesaurus lookup, linky, launchy, and the like. Extend all of this technology to typical desktop applications like office software, then combine them all into one interface and bundle the OS. Simple, powerful, and totally Google.

You could have your gPC in the future :):

Google OS snapshot

Advantages of running gOS:

  • simple and easy to use (no need for drivers or any such stuff which require geeks to solve)
  • All of your data (stored in 1000GB Servers) are easily accessible through a powerful, extensible web browser
  • no more purchasing software! however we might be charged for some software as a service – sAAs
  • companies actually competing for your business
  • Your work is finally mobile

What about Yahoo or Microsoft?

Google isn’t worried about Yahoo! or Microsoft’s search efforts…although the media’s focus on that is probably to their advantage. Their real target is Windows. Who needs Windows when anyone can have free unlimited access to the world’s fastest computer running the smartest operating system? Mobile devices don’t need big, bloated OSes…they’ll be perfect platforms for accessing the GooOS. Using Gnome and Linux as a starting point, Google should design an OS for desktop computers that’s modified to use the GooOS. Google Office (Goffice?) will be built in, with all your data stored locally, backed up remotely, and available to whomever it needs to be.


Well, there has been a monopoly in the OS market by Microsoft. Today Microsoft is embarking on a new OS – Azure, Windows 7, based on Cloud Computing. Google’s response to this might be in the form of  gOS or whatever appropriate name it might give. Google knows what people write about, what they search for, what they shop for, they know who wants to advertise and how effective those advertisements are, and they’re about to know how we communicate with friends and loved ones. I Google’s OS is implemented in 5 to 8 years time, I wonder if Bill Gates’ empire will still remain the giant software company! Geeks, with the advent of Cloud Computint, let’s wait and see…

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