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A Barcamp in the ‘Apple Way’!

This presentation is from Barcamp Ghent 2008. 

It  is as long as 82 slides. But you will enjoy it: Macporn! 😀

I am a Switcher by Tom Adriaenssen, Freelance developer/ Architect. His blog, Inferis’ Mind Dump seems interesting, but I can’t understand the language, (maybe Google translate or Bablefish should come to the rescue!) is here: Tim has a maximum of 86 blog posts per months. Waow. I wonder, as a freelance developer, I will reach that level one day :D. Anyways, his blog is very inspiring to me, personally.

Another one (but not featured on Barcamp) is on “How to build a brand, the Apple way!”

The Apple Brand Experience. You are definitely gonna love the last slide 😀

Last but not the least, we cannot foget the Internet Giant comapany: Google. Below is the slide on Google and Apple common brand values.

Wanna view more, check it out on

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