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President Obama on Broadband

Here is the very inspiring video I watched from on “Broadband is the Key to Obama’s Recovery Plan”:

Inspiring words:

We need action and action NOW!

To help our children to compete in a 21st Century economy, we need to send them to 21st Century schools.

Here in the country that invented the internet, every child should get the chance to get online.


According to the President’s Recovery plan, his Economic team claims to create 2.5 million jobs, rebuilding USA’s  infrastructure, improving schools and health care system and saving billions of dollars. (They need to save [energy] urgently, I think).

euhh, connecting hospitals to each other via the internet, I wonder how Dr. House would react to this concept 😀

One of the key plans of President Obama is making the buildings energy efficient. This concept is a bit inline with Maurice- ile Durable.

Last but not the least topic on the Recovery plan which will definitely appeal to you Nerds is that:

Renewal of Information Superhighway

President-elect Barack Obama listed upgrades to the information superhighway as one of the essentials of his economic recovery plan. Decrying our nation’s rank as 15th when it comes to broadband adoption (he’s using OCED numbers), Obama seems willing to make the investment to get everyone in our nation surfing the web at broadband speeds (even if you can get away with calling 768 kbps broadband).


Maybe if we would had such a President in Mauritius, we would not complain at having Internet connection being as slow as molasses. One dream of the Mauritian Government is to transform the Paradise Island into CyberIsland, but what is the opinion of the President on the renewal of information superhighway in Mauritius – where the situation is catastrophic: Nomad connection, Internet connection is Mtius is doomed, Fair Use policy etc.

Well lets hope that one day we get to elect a President with the same mindset at the new “Hi-Tech” (who Google and Intel will definitely love) USA President.

Long Live Obama Administration (for the time being!)

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