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Getting hands dirty with Programming

Its high time to get my hands dirty with Programming. It has been a while that I have not been logging on my Ubuntu 7.10 (which I need to upgrade to Ubuntu 8) and load Geany and have some fun with C++. Gosh…Programming is like Sex, the more you have, the more you want 😀 (Disclaimer: It’s just a metaphor).

Well, on the quest of mastering Software Engineering, I opened Eclipse 3.2 IDE on Ubuntu and my curiosity triggered me to try the new NetBeans 6.5.  I then started by retrieving my Java bookmarks from and started to read:

and last but not the least:

cs107 and cs108 modules from Stanford University.

The real fun gonna start whilst going through these high-level standards module!

Stay tuned, I gonna blog on how the “Sex scene” with Unix, Scheme, Python, Java (OOP) went…..

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