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Hello JavaFX!

JavaFX 1.0 has been released by Sun Microsystems. According to Sun,

JavaFX is an expressive rich client platform for creating and delivering rich Internet experiences across all the screens of your life.

JavaFX offers users unparalleled freedom and flexibility to create rich Internet applications and content quickly and easily across multiple screens, including mobile phones, desktops, televisions, and other consumer devices. JavaFX combines the best capabilities of the Java platform with comprehensive, immersive media functionality into an intuitive and comprehensive, one-stop development environment.

To watch the creative power of JavaFX, watch the video here. Its really worth watching ūüėÄ

Here is a quote from Dr. Dobbs Journal:

JavaFX Tools –¬†¬†The Real Story

 With JavaFX, you get one common set of APIs and tools that enable you to quickly build rich a Internet application once, and deploy to the desktop and to mobile devices. Plug-ins are available for both Eclipse and NetBeans Рno developers or development environments are being left out. The plug-in makes it easy to define target configurations and deploy to many environments, big and small. 

 Sun is planning to release a very complete set of tools by Spring 2009. This includes content authoring tools as well as deployment tools. In fact, the tools will be made available in the cloud as rich Internet applications themselves, and will be able to ingest projects and content built with Adobe and Microsoft tools. Look for this online development environment to be released at JavaOne 2009.

 As of now, the JavaFX Mobile runtime will not be complete for final release and support until the Mobile World Congress 2009 ( However, both a beta version of JavaFX Mobile and an emulator is available today.

 The Java FX Advantage

¬†When asked why developers and authors would want to choose JavaFX over other tools, such as Flex or Silverlight, Octavian summed it up in one word: Java. It’s a solid platform that’s ubiquitous with the Internet. JavaFX, on top of Java, opens all screens and devices, and the Internet, to the new world of media-rich Internet application development and deployment. It provides the bridge between Java, scripting languages such as JavaScript and JavaFX Script, desktop environments, and mobile environments, like no other toolset or runtime environment can. It’s estimated that Java is already on over 90% of all desktops, 85% of all mobile devices, and with Blu-ray, Java-based set-top boxes, Tru2Way, and OCAP, it’s probably already on the big screen in your living room.

¬†With this strategy, you can build an all-Java Ajax web application; JavaFX on the client (with the client being any type or form of computer or device) and Java on the server. And because Java is more than a language– it’s a powerful OS-agnostic platform–you can combine other dynamic languages as well. This includes JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP – all of which run on the Java virtual machine as well as Java.

 From the press release (which you can find here

¬†In support of JavaFX, Sun is also offering a new seminar and workshop for Web developers and Java programmers that teaches how to use JavaFX for developing RIA. It shows how to use JavaFX to create animations and effects, add multimedia to applications, and incorporate Java into JavaFX applications. For more information:¬†Additional courseware on creating a JavaFX GUI for Swing developers will be available in mid-winter, and formal training for graphic designers will be available in spring 2009.”

 The Future of Java

¬†Octavian boldly stated Sun’s goal with JavaFX: to beat today’s form of Ajax development, and provide a programming model and ubiquitous runtime model that doesn’t exist today. With Sun’s vision, JavaFX built on the Java platform will become the premier dynamic language environment for desktops and mobile devices alike. And when JavaFX TV is released, you can chalk up another screen in victory.¬†

Download JavaFX 1.0 and start building the web applications of tomorrow, built on the language and platform you know today. 

Happy coding!



java platform

java platform


You can enjoy the samples and get amazed by the Creative Power of JavaFX by clicking here.


Bye bye the Monopoly of Flash animations/applications, Microsoft Silverlight and Abobe Flex. The Sun is now rising, JavaFX has a lot to amaze to the community of Java developers. Java Geeks, we would have more power now, lets conquer the browser!

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