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Time is Money! n’est-ce pas?

RescueTime is a web-based time management and analytics tool for knowledge workers who want to be more productive.

An introduction to rescueTime can be found here:

Product Tour:

Well, here are my personal statistics of RescueTime. I have set a new goal on this Free Management software and I will test this functionality. I hope it works koz I want to prioritise my computing time, specially during the SHORT uni holidays!

My top tags include:

  • Freelance – working for clients
  • Wordprocessing – working for university assignments
  • Chat – 😀
  • music – ya, its a must, istn’t?
  • email – an essential communication tool
  • slideshare – inspiration is a must, isn’t?
  • acrobat reader – to read lecture notes
  • search –, google desktop etc
  • BCS – information from BCS sites
  • socialising – facebook !
  • university – ,,
  • flickr – zoli photos
  • facebook – the name says it all

My Top Apps and Sites include:

Microsoft Word – spent much time working on assignments

Windows Media Player – essential to benefit from the food of love – music! – ya, improving my portal constantly

msnmgr – ahem ahem, to talk with dear ones 😀

powerpoint – Ya, much time spent on MS powerpoint, my powerpoints, I try to design them up to the high level 😀


To conclude, give a try, it will save you a lot of money time.

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