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My 100th Post

The wine got better after one year more of preservation

The wine got better after one year more of preservation

I could not imagine, that I would reach my 100th post so quickly. Co-incidence, today marks Happy Birthday to my online presence. Yeps, I agree my blog is brand new and my portal also is wearing a new skin, but all this is the presence of 365 days.

So let me FTP my server and find the old files stored in the American Box.

Aha, here is my first Alpha version of the site: (uploaded on 23 Dec. 2007) Ha…this was a flash file, I created swiftly. Lol. the portfolio currently does not get loaded, maybe because I have deleted the file on the server or ActionScript bug. The portfolio, as far as I can remember is nice.

Ya…….this was the file I was looking for:

(am sorry it is no longer maintained)

A better version is available on:

This web page depics the milestones of my online presence:

On 18 December 2007

Major site re-design The has undergone a major re-design and is successfully running on a CMS.

On 25 November 2007

Guestbook Functional Please feel free to drop your comments/ suggestions for my website in my Guestbook.

(I think I dropped the database holding the data for my Guestbook long ago……haaaaa.anyways, life goes on)

On 24 November 2007 is born The subdomain has been newly created in order to host my webpages. I uploaded the Alpha Version of my Portfolio, code name: Osiris.

On 23 November 2007 is finally registered! After having opted for the Linux Hosting Plan, my long-cherished dream sees the day!

Here is my first message on my website:

Welcome to my new website!

Hi. This is my new website. After having setup the technical aspects of the site, I am going to concentrate on the content. Remember: Content is the King!

Honestly, at that time, I did not like much the concept of blogging. I was not too much a big fan of Web 2.0. My main business was rather with dealing with static pages which embed flash file. My cup of tea was rather Flash and cool animations.

Oh lala, here is my old about me flash file:

To conclude it was a nice hunt.

Time to reward the nice comments on my blog now which total to 75 comments:

Motivated as you’ve always been
Wish you all the best in your academics.
You’ll surely achieve an above 70% CPA
Keep up the hard work
Bonne Rentree

From Chaya on University Resumes: New Second Semester!2008/01/22 at 8:37pm

Yes, this one is very nice. hmm yet more work to be done to achieve above 70 % , but achieving it is not impossible with >65 CPA currently. Have to maintain the figure for the daunting academic semester 2. Thanks for the first motivating comment. God Bless..

Hi Ashesh, your blog looks nice -)

Did you really write “the NTFS set as swap space”? If yes, then Linux is going to destroy your NTFS (Windows) partition little by little!!!

The swap partition should really be a separate partition because it gets overwritten dynamically by the Linux kernel when memory is scarce. I will advise you to create a small 1Gb partition for that purpose. You can slightly resize your main Linux partition using parted to create that space.

Use the mkswap command to “format” that new swap partition and modify /etc/fstab accordingly.

Anyway, welcome to the open source world! Have fun discovering the fantastic open source software that you have access to now. And don’t forget to read the writings of Mr Eric Raymond!

From Avinash Meetoo on  L.A.M.P., 2008/02/04 at 8:38pm

A great inspiration, since I got to first discover the concept from a visit of staff profile at the UoM website during my dull post-HSC days. Visiting, changed everything. I got a lot to learn about programming , web 2.0 and understood the fun of blogging. Hats off to you sir!

Next comes a horde of comments on MGI has a new laureate!I was really happy to see how happy we Gandhians were.

After soo many years..Laureate on Science Side…. Hats off to Visham..I knoo its very tough sa mem pu zis ranked Science side.. mai lin ressi fer li… Good Luck for ur further studies..

Well Ashesh saem apel Gandhian Attitude.. Ban photo la toppo net… Si selman nu ti laba nu si.. fete sa ek zot..:p Ti pu mari nice!!!!!

From Shaheel


Hearty congrats 2 our fellow friends. Ashesh, u’ve not delayed at all 2 take these photos & share them wiz us. U’v added Ashwin 2, dats nice of u..If am feeling so good by merely looking at them, i guess how u must have felt being there. Our laureate’s photos r nice but the best one is the first one. Its the true picture of Gandhianism! Finally, wen i look at all of u guys, there’s only 1 thing dat comes 2 my mind: GANDHIANS, THE BEST!!

From Kussum

A really nice surprise to see these people commenting. I was really proud whilst writing these blog post. It meant a lot to me.

Hello brother,
A nice motto u have set for a developper… as far as i know u are really good at it… Keep it up dude… U are a really resourceful person as far as i know… keep going… best of luck… ;)


From Pramod on Developer Manifesto, on 2008/04/22 at 5:40pm

Its feels nice to be appreciated, specially when most mauritians prefer to critisize rather than compliment others work.

Ya this one is hyper motivating (National Budget 2008/2009):

From ure blog title, people expected atleast ur opinion or a summary on the National Budget 2008/2009…But u simply provided links as if the people couldn’t google bout it or even buy the different newspapers.
Maybe u r trying to adopt Mr Avinash Meetoo’s style…but u r very far from doing it…because Mr Meetoo atleast does provide his opinions on the topics…try to be orininal boy!ure as if blogging only for namesake…wen blogging do it from ur heart and from ure soul…be communicative with ur blog readers in ur blogs!!!anyways who are you accept advices since you dn’t even publish ur comments!!!atleast be honest with ure website and urself such that ure clients could trust you!!!

During these moments, I had lost the spirit of blogging. and dear tulsi gave me a big push. thanks to you. God bless again….

Hey ashesh…I’ll surely ask myslf some of the above questions )

better idea P

M going to edit some of these questions and save them in paint and then put this as wallpaper on my desktop D

From Varsha on Personality Control Chart for Students, 2008/08/23 at 7:41pm

It feels nice to know that the stuff that you have shared is useful to other persons. Thanks varsha.

The longest amount of comments. I was getting tough time moderating them.

Have you heard of proofreading? It’s hard to take an article seriously with so many typos.

From Christopher Moyer onThe Top 10 traits of Strong Brands, 2008/09/30 at 4:36pm

This triggered me to review my blogpost, started using spelling and grammer tools. woaow, I had to redo the whole post and was surprised and ashamed of the amount of mistakes I left which so many people (>20000 reads) were reading.

Hey ashesh….its a very interesting topic and since we have started to talk about it once…all i will say is..:


This topic is far too interesting to comment has to be talked about and discussed and argued and agreed upon as well.Dr Hakim has done a wonderful job by building the foundation for this reality..We shall definitely take the time to go through it.


From Naiad on  Sentenced to everyday life, 2008/11/18 at 8:08pm

She simply gave a good answer – Yes No It depends. It mostly solved my curiosity. A very intelligent comment.

Last but not the least, the best comment goes to:

General Comment

Couldnt find another better page to publish my comment since no guest book -( Well a mere glance at the blog, u can sense the hardwork, time, effort, patience,care devoted..n the list is endless. The blog itself wants me to cruise more n read evrything, Unfortunately due to time constraints im not able too, but i shall do so in the future. Congrats Ashesh, for this wondeful job n for pages of information that u r willing to share with the whole world, precious advices, golden words from famous ppl and so on… Congrats for the whole job and best of luck for the future. Hats off to you, your creative mind n ur time, there are very few gems like you left now.. Sending you my best wishes from miles n miles away

Take cre

From Mohna on My Special Day, 2008/12/08 at 5:34pm

And mona wins the best commenter of the year 2007-2008!!!!!! Yupi, Many hearty congrats to you!!!!!!

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Having an online presence was hyper beneficial to me both as a University Student and as a freelance developer. I got to learn much about the World Wide Web and growing with the new technologies it has been experiencing is a great fun. There is still more a lot to learn.  I pay a tribute to and for having such inspiring blogs. Long live the blogging spirit!


even cats are tempted to read blog posts 😀

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  1. Many congrats! 😛

    keep going!

    21 December, 2008 at 3:44 pm

  2. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

    21 December, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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