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A Better Me in 2009: My New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year gives us a clean slate, allowing us to leave bad habits behind, while looking forward to a brighter, more positive future.Β  We feel confident that just as a whole calendar year can change in a 10 second countdown, we too can change our attitudes, conquer our demons, and gain tons of willpower all in the blink of an eye.

So first, let us review my post in December 2007: Boosting my career in 2008.

As an IT professional, I think I have grown up a bit. Creating professional contacts within personalities in the IT industry, I have started doing so in 2008 and honest my Student Membership to the British Computer Society and participation to Barcamp Mauritius has helped me a lot.

Ya, I am more prepared now to go for interviews. I can rip the interviewer down! πŸ˜€

I do talk business and I have understood owning to my Freelance experience that: Business is Business!

Unfortunately, my French has not improved yet, as expected. 😦 snif snif

and my 2009 new year’s resolutions are:

1. Personality

Able to control my personality between Dr. House, Alan Shore and myself. I agree I imitate these personalities whom I admire so much, but still I believe that my personality also has “something special”. Their critical thinking abilities, professional persona – decision making skills, charisma, intelligence, sharpness, confidence in their speech, analysis skills, efficient communication skills etc etc..

2. Be careful on the Road, especially with a Racing car which is New

Not to drive too fast. Yeps, I have the tendency to easily go beyond the speed limit in M’tius. Now that we have trackers installed in the country, gotta be more careful.

3. Good Reading habit

I want to finish reading what I started to read. Often I take many interesting books (I take the Student ID of other friends to be able to take more books from the UoM library) but I try to read them all. Unfortunately in doing so, I end up by reading on one book completely or none.

4. Photography

To get the damn Kodak repaired (It sadly says: The camera needs E10 service – I wonder what it is?). I want to upload my original photos on Flickr. I want to express my creativity as an artist in the world of Digital Photography. I hope 2009 will present good opportunities to develop this “hidden talent” of mine!

5. Vodka and Zinger – Pineapple and Cheese

Reduce drastically. More Exercise and Martial Arts! I am determined to be Hercules this coming year, ya jokes apart πŸ˜€

6. Going Classic and Sexy!

hmm, difficult to explain just watch and appreciate me πŸ˜€ True, I’ve always hated classic but the heart-touching compliments from the beautiful gurls maybe changed my mind

7. Take even more pleasure and enjoyment in what I love doing


Sometimes I have many items in my agenda. Also my problem : I try to be a perfectionist and achieve excellence. Big Problemo: TIME CONSTRAINT. Therefore I will work my best for the top no. 1 priority in the list of agenda items.

9. Relax myself

I want to master good relaxing techniques, particularly meditation and Raja Yoga- control of the mind.

10. Last but not the least: Honour my family.

Let the family’s name shine and sparkle up to the highest standards! my HSC performance created a hope in them, I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I will do my best. At MGI, the Gandhian Philosophy: Patience, Perseverance and Truth are still guiding me. I want to honour my teachers/ lecturers. I want to honour my teaching institution. I want to honour my country. (euhh, I hope am not sounding awkward a bit here…. lol)

Every new year people make resolutions
to change aspects of themselves
they believe are negative.

A majority of people revert back to how
they were before and feel like failures.

This year I challenge you to a new resolution.
I challenge you to just be a better you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! muahhhhhhhhhhh, groses bises!

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  1. Happy new yearr asheshhhhhh πŸ˜€

    1 January, 2009 at 11:47 am

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