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WordCamp Las Vegas 09

To my nice surprise, I also realised that after barcamp, we also have DrupalCamp and recently: WordCamp! That’s nice 😀

Just like we watched Le Web 08: Paris live on  Ustream TV, (which was hypercool), this time also we won’t miss the opportunity to watch the great brains behind the wonderful open source software: WordPress (2.7 being the current latest version).

What is WordCamp:Las Vegas?
WordCamp:Las Vegas is a conference style event covering topics related to the WordPress software. We are also planning for Unconference style sessions in the afternoon to let the people attending WordCamp help choose the topics discussed at WordCamp:Las Vegas

WordCamp: Las Vegas agenda includes many items. I would like to hear from

Speaker: Matt Mullenweg
Topic: State of the Word

Matt is the founding developer of WordPress. According to businessweek, he is also one of the most influential personality on the Web.

Speaker: Lorelle VanFossen
Topic: By the Numbers: a look at stats and what they mean to you

Of course, her famous blog, Lorell On WordPress with her nice blogging tips.

Speaker: Chris Brogan
Topic: Using Your Blog for Sales and Marketing

Speaker: Liz Strauss
Topic: From blog to community

Jim Turner
Topic: Blogging for a Living

Well most of the topics are very interesting, but I would like to hear the most from the above ones, given time constraint. 🙂 The full list of speakers is here.

So, to conclude, I am enthusiastic to attend my first WordCamp! aren’t you?

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  1. Don’t forget to come up and say hello! See you there.

    8 January, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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