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New Academic Semester!

University of Southern California Bovard Administration Building, originally uploaded by EncinoMan.

Finally the university opens its doors for the challenging, daunting semester 2 of the academic year 2008/2009!

According to our famous HRM lecturer:

Semester 1 has been like milking you so that your tooth would grow. Now, I gonna give you meat to eat!

True. Despite the milking was supposed to be not so complicated stuff to read, we found that – Oops, the level of the articles/books given to read are more advanced than the one we usually read. It was something new – the second year at the uni, as told by my uni colleagues – in second year the level increases. And we felt the increase in standard in the previous semester. And we know that this is just the beginning, there is still more to come in this coming semester which starts as from tomorrow.

Let me talk about my personal resolutions for this semester:

1) I should enjoy this semester to the max before entering the intern – the corporate world.

one fine day, I was listening to the artists on Festival Creole International and amongst them was the one and only – Eric Triton. In one of his songs, his lyrics greatly impressed me and I quote:

Leducation li pu lesprit, sports li pu nu lecorps, la musique li pu lame

Well I hope I remember the last part of the quote but nevertheless I got the meaning of what message he was trying to send. I want to buy his music because I am already fan of his style of music! Well yes, the quote, I got to understand that I am always focussing on Education and ignoring the other parts of my being. I always had got the kind advice from close relatives and dear friends to diversify a bit and not remain as a bookworm – (ya sometimes I was stuck to my Economics notes/ books from sunrise to sunset!).

So here we are trying to break the pattern and doing stuff to become an all-rounder 😀

2) Building om the professional status

This process has already started. It is very nice to hear people appreciating my work as a web developer already when I am still in academia. Not to mention the offers of working in their company but I would love to to my intern at their place. Yes, it is nice for me to continue building relationships with the professional in IT and know more interesting people in this field. Apart from the IT industry, it is always nice to meet and know people in the corporate world and get inspired from them for eg. Human Resource Manager, Marketing Manager, Salespersons, CEO etc.

3) Prioritise

Someone close always used to tell me, you should know how to prioritise your items in your agenda. True. I got limited time to do many stuff which require much study hours. Also my clients pay me for my development time. So assigning priority and setting deadlines is hyper important.


This semester will definitely be very challenging. If I fail to plan, the results will automatically plan to get me fail. I am determined, courageous, learning from best practices and I believe in myself and good intentions to get things done. That’s all. Good luck to every university students resuming studies and Bon Courage! 2009 gonna be a hard and harsh year (recession), the economic indicators in red. Let’s face it and get the max from academia world for this semester…

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