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President of the USA – Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America, at a historic ceremony in Washington DC.

Obama’s Inaugural speech can be found on:

BBC News


New York Times

and many more…

Here is a wordcloud of the speech:

We notice (Source: BBC News)

Mr Obama swore his oath of allegiance on the same Bible used by Abraham Lincoln at his inauguration in 1861, held by the new First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mr Obama made reference to the scale of his achievement at being the first black American elected to the White House, in a remark that gathered one of the biggest cheers of the speech.

Intense Security:

Security was intense, with roads and subways closed and some 40,000 security personnel on duty, including police snipers in position on the roof of the White House.

Some had been waiting in the streets of the capital from the early hours, despite the freezing temperatures. As eary as 3 in the morning! It was told that the temperation was -10.

The now former President George W Bush, who has been commended by many for the smooth transition of power to Mr Obama, also congratulated his successor.

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