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Software Project Failures

Can you hear me there at the back? Ok….

Welcome to the second semester of the module : CSE 2001 Software Engineering.

It was with these words that the kickoff of the module was given. It was nice to be back again in the most important module in Computer Science & Engineering course.

The first session was hyper interesting with promises of personalities in the Software Industry (Accenture, Ceridian etc) coming to give guest lectures during the semester. Software Engineering Principles and Practices would be different from what has been done in the first semester i.e OO (OOA, OOD, OOP – Java).

As an encouragement to increase our communication skills, we are supposed to talk before the class on a topic chosen by our lecturer. This time the topic is: Software Project Failures.

To start with, here is a very interesting link from my favourite blog codinghorror:

Agreed that our lecturer’s examples of software project failures were mostly on aviation related (NASA Mars orbitter, Air Traffic controller), we have to look for failure and its impact in other industry as well. n’est-ce pas?

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