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Management Poem

Here is the first management poem I encounter as a Management student. The source is from the book: Management Gurus By Andrzej Huczynski

With Herzberg, Mintzberg and Mr Argyle

I’m desperately trying to develop a style

But will I ever get the chance to Schein

Often I feem I’m in de Klein

I’m looking for a Handy solution I shout

But as soon as I’m interested it just Peters out

I’ve looked everywhere (at Fielder on the roof and Maslower down)

Till I’m Reddin the face and begin to frown

I’m not as Jung as I use to be (keep it quiet)

But Freud egg and Drucker l’Orange are not my diet

Even in Tescos during Shopenhaussers

They Kant stop talking about the brain’s mystical powers

I’ve looked at TA and got my fingers Berned

My cross-transactions have Vroom for improvement – so I learned

Without Fayol when I’m counselled I just get a Block

I get de Board feeling so easily I never take stock

Learning styles may have helped me (but I lied)

However, I discovered, ‘Honey, it’s Kolb outside’

My search has been rewarded (partial I’d admit)

When asked for my opinion I say it’s all Tannenbaum and Schmidt

I’m sorry if the above doesn’t scan

But I’m afraid I missed the meter man

(Holland 1989: 96)

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