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Maha Shivratree 2009

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Last year, I went to pilgrimage for Maha Shivratree. This year also has been the same case, well not totally the same. I realise some important concepts  made in the blog post and the blog comment. I quote:

In the morning, Pundit Ji explained the importance of carrying a Kanwar: to put the bottle of sacred water collected from the Pari Talao and to return to offer the water to Lord Shiva by carrying the Kanwar on shoulders.

and also Chaya‘s comments which you can read. 🙂

Well both people had the right grounding and understanding of the purpose of carrying a Kanwar.

To my positive surprise, I got the opportunity to see University of Mauritius Kanwar at Ganga Talao. Nice initiative 😀

This year’s pilgrimage has been special to me. I really got the golden opportunity to walk with ‘Classic’ Kanwar. They are made out of Rafia and put on your shoulders, you barely feel any carrying problem. A childhood friend was even able to run with the Kanwar given it was not heavy. We were 4 Classic Kanwars walking together. I was really impressed by being Traditional but Effective.

I am very happy to be able to Dance with the Kanwar. Yes, it was really really a cool moment. The dancing kanwarthis become the center of attraction. Clapping of hands, fast pace of the bhajans, coordinating movements, rotating with the kanwar, everyone observing the grace and contentment of the Kanwarthis of the return to his appropriate village/town where s/he set off.

It started when the van which contained the singing people stopping a while before a speed breaker. Then at the appropriate location, 3 kanwarthis were just magnificent. You just have to watch and enjoy and clap your hands to accompany them.

Another important part I notice during this year pilgrimage is the importance of knowing/speaking the local dialect – Bhojpuri. It helps. It fosters a strong bond. Given we cannot all speak Hindi, at least Bhojpuri we can. I was explaining this to my uni  classmate who has just installed in Triolet.

Last but not the least, this year, got the opportunity to pray at the largest Shivlinga in M’tius: at La Flora. It’s an amazing amazing experience there. I could not believe that such a good holy place exists. There is the river just alongside and cool silence and a prevailing praying atmosphere. We also got to go at Mama Tookay. Again, I went there for the first time this year and the same great experience I got.

Am hyper happy! 2009 proved to be a special year of pilgrimage.

Tomorrow Char Pahar ki Puja. Got to prepare…

An update: 23 Feb , 07 15 pm.

Still preparing for the puja. almost got all the samaan, just buy a few at Tabajie.

Well today we saw the presence of our Prime Minister, his wife, Devanand Ritoo, Satish Faugoo at the Shivala, along with Mr. Dulthumun. Hmmm no comments.

I was talking with some tourists after the Puja. explaining them a bit about the festival etc. and to my nice surprise they asked at Politics and religion.  that was a bit unexpected but I answered that the M’tian media warned the representatives of religious bodies to not do “politics” during their speech.

I had a nice quick chat with the French people and then brought them to show the Kanwars a bit.

Hey, i’ve managed to upload the pics on my Flickr stream. Here they are (just ignore the date, forgot to set them on my kodak):

The most beautiful kanwar for the Year 2009! I really love the design and execution of this masterpiece. Especially the Bal Krishna murti on the left.

The rest of the pics on Flickr set: Maha Shivratree 2009

Last but not the least, here is my favourite sound track for Maha Shivratree 2009. You can download it from:

Have a Pious Maha Shivratree 2009!

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