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A student acquires a quarter of knowledge from…

Goody good morning! Have been heavily busy with Database systems these days. To my great pleasant surprise, I finally found a good book in the UoM library and the book is NEW (has been added to the QA 76 section on 2 Feb) and I am the first borrower of the book 😀 :

A preview is available on Google Books and here are the Supporting material for the Third edition. Happy Reading :)!

Well, another major update in uni student life is that now we have a new Bookshop at UoM. The company is Edition le Printemps Ltd. who is mainly located at 4 Club Road Vacoas. Welcome to UoM Reduit Campus ELP!

A brief visit at the bookshop revealed that it has a good stock of interesting Management books including this one which I was so eager to buy on eBay! Another chat with the ELP guys there suggested that they need the books list from respective departments from the university in order to place them on the shelves here. To my knowledge, lecturers make book requests at the UoM library. The latter then equip themselves with copies of the book (just like Database Management Systems book). Its maybe the books are really expensive (between Rs. 600 and Rs. 1500) that they know students will not be able to afford them in the bookshop. That’s why we, students always seek for the low price edition, at least I do buy books of the low price ed. (< Rs. 600).

Well that’s Uni student life! We  search for eBooks (free pdf version of the book), download the book slides, check for preview in Google Book Search and thankful to India for publishing the Low Price Ed. of the book! Another option is to lend the book from the respective lecturer, do photocopy and return in time with a big Thank You Smile 😀 Obviously we also Share book content/slides with classmates.

To end with, here is a quote I read somewhere:

A student acquires a quarter of his knowledge from his/her lecturer, another quarter from his/her own intelligence, another quarter from  friends, and the last quarter, in course of time, from experience”

True isn’t?

2 responses

  1. Mehnaz

    Hi Ashesh.. hope u fine.. Hell yea.. database lol.. interesting & challenging too..
    Cant find where u blogged abt how to install postgres sql.. help me out..
    TCare 🙂

    15 September, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    • euhh hi Mehnaz!!
      yeah i had once explained how to install the database via a WebCast.

      Well by now, i think u must have completed the Database Systems module and pass in it!

      Bon courage for ur last MIS year

      31 December, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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